Jimmy Sexton Net Worth

Jimmy Sexton has amassed an immense following since becoming a celebrity, though his journey wasn’t without challenges and hard work.

His first contract came in 1984 with Reggie White, his college roommate and future Hall-of-Famer who became the highest-paid defensive professional football player at that time. Today, he represents clients such as Sam Darnold, Julio Jones and Derrick Henry along with 11 SEC coaches.

Early Life and Education

Jimmy Dale Sexton was born in Mobile, Alabama on July 24, 1951. From 1970-1984 he played Major League Baseball for three teams – Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros and Oakland Athletics; additionally having had a minor-league stint with Milwaukee Brewers.

Sexton is an esteemed sports agent who represents clients like C.J. Mosley of the New York Jets linebacking corps. Working at Creative Artists Agency and representing over 18 million dollars worth of player contracts as his client base, Sexton earns roughly 18 Million in commission from player contracts alone.

Sexton first found success when he met Reggie White, then an equipment manager with the Tennessee Volunteers. Sexton and White shared a dorm suite while attending college; later when White was negotiating his NFL contract negotiation, Sexton approached him with one of the largest signing bonuses ever offered in sports history.

Professional Career

Jimmy Sexton Agent is one of the premier sports agents in the country, known for building relationships both with athletes he represents as well as athletic directors, general managers, and team owners.

He signed his inaugural sports agency contract in 1984 with Reggie White, his college roommate and future agent. That deal was worth $4 Million – an offer which many elite professional football players today would find far too steep.

Since then, he’s built his agency into a powerhouse. Now working for Creative Artists and representing numerous NFL and NBA players as clients. While keeping up with both son’s activities as well as those of clients’ needs – even attending basketball games on weekends. Furthermore, he is an award-winning author.

Achievement and Honors

Jimmy Sexton Agent is an internationally recognized celebrity who has received many prestigious awards throughout his life. With fans from all over the globe following him closely and helping the people in need in his country of birth he has done immense good works for all.

Though he works on the road, this man is an attentive father and husband. He strives to balance his sons’ activities with those of his clients’ schedules – for example this week attending his youngest son’s basketball game before flying off to Tuscaloosa to watch an SEC football game!

As a sports agent, Sexton represents many college and professional football coaches. To protect state secrets while not giving away his strategies for competing clients, he must walk a delicate line when discussing clients.

Personal Life

Jimmy Sexton has distinguished himself as an impressive sports agent. His strategic approach to negotiations and dedication to furthering the careers of his clients have contributed greatly to his success as an agent.

Creative Artists Agency currently co-heads his football division and represents over 50 FBS coaches directly – such as Alabama’s Nick Saban, Auburn’s Gus Malzahn, and Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher – including these: Alabama (Nick Saban), Auburn (Gus Malzahn) and Florida State (Jimbo Fisher).

He is a beloved celebrity who serves as an inspirational figure to young people worldwide, but prefers to remain private about his personal life. We can confirm, however, that he is married; having been with his partner for an extended period and being happy together; they enjoy traveling together as well as spending quality time together – they also mutually support one another!

Net Worth

Jimmy Dale Sexton was an iconic American professional baseball player. From 1970 to 1984 he participated in Major League baseball for Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics and St Louis Cardinals – in all cases at a Major League level.

At Creative Artists Agency, he oversees the football division. He currently represents over a dozen FBS coaches such as Alabama’s Nick Saban, Auburn’s Gus Malzahn, and Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher as well as NFL players such as Corey Mosley and Khalil Mack.

As a successful businessman with an estimated net worth between $1 and $4 Million, he resides in Memphis with his family and two children. An outstanding negotiator, his reputation in the sports industry speaks for itself; keeping his clients satisfied while working alongside multiple agents representing them remains his main challenge.

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