Jimmy Johns New Ulm Mn

Jimmy John’s Coming to New Ulm, Minnesota

Jimmy John’s opened in New Ulm, Minnesota in 1962 and offers 18 different varieties of sandwiches. The restaurant also offers catering and delivery services. The owners are happy to see their local community support the business. The business focuses on quality ingredients and freshness.

jimmy john’s opened in New Ulm, Minnesota in 1962

Jimmy john’s is a Counter-Serve Chain that specializes in sub and club sandwiches. In addition to the sandwiches, the chain is known for their signature potato chips. They have locations throughout the country and cater to a wide variety of tastes.

The chain opened in New Ulm in 1962, and is now one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States. The chain has over 200 locations, with one in every state. In addition to New Ulm, there are restaurants in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Chicago. The New Ulm location was chosen because of the location’s proximity to downtown.

Jimmy John’s started as a sandwich shop. Its founder, Jimmy John Liautaud, had two options when he graduated from high school. He could have pursued a career in the automotive industry, or he could start his own business. In the early years, the company offered four sandwiches, and used hand-sliced meats and fresh-baked bread to make them.

It offers 18 different types of sandwiches

A new restaurant called Jimmy Johns is coming to downtown New Ulm. The new location is at 219 N. Broadway, where the building was previously a car dealership. The building is currently undergoing a major renovation. The restaurant will be owned by Jeff and Janet Johnson, who both live in the area. They have worked in the hospitality industry, including working in the Twin Cities and owning Taco Johns restaurants. Recently, they became involved with a Jimmy Johns franchise and are looking forward to seeing what this place will be like.

The restaurant will not open for another few months, but it has already started hiring. It is not open to the public yet, but it is holding job fairs. The company is looking for people to work in the sandwich shop. They are looking for workers who are passionate about making sandwiches.

It offers catering services and delivery

The new Jimmy Johns restaurant is set to open in downtown New Ulm, Minnesota. The sandwich shop is located at 219 N Broadway St., in a building that was formerly a car dealership. The business has plans to open in the summer and plans to hire up to 20 employees. They will offer drive-through and dine-in service. They also accept debit and credit cards, as well as NFC mobile payments.

Jimmy Johns is an American restaurant chain that originally started as a hot dog stand. The name ‘Jimmy’s’ came from the founder, Jimmy John Liautaud, who wanted to open a business that would serve hot dogs. After looking at the costs of operating a hot dog stand, he changed his business plan to include sandwiches. Today, Jimmy John’s boasts over 2700 restaurants across the United States. In 2016, the company was acquired by Roark Capital Group. In 2019, Inspire Brands purchased the company.

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