Jhene Aiko Wardrobe Malfunction

Jhene Aiko’s Wardrobe Mistake

During the “Big Show at the Joe” concert in Detroit, Jhene Aiko was performing to a packed crowd when she showed off her nipple. She was a lucky lady in more ways than one. For starters, she was wearing a crop top that lifted up in the best of times.

While it was a rare treat to see the diva in person, she did make an appearance on stage with rapper Big Sean. She also made a surprise appearance onstage with Ty Dolla $ign and Kendrick Lamar. It was a show that was a smorgasbord of pop culture, rap and R&B with a sprinkling of music industry stalwarts. In fact, Jhene Aiko and Big Sean were a couple of the only black performers on stage. This is where the aforementioned nipple atop the aforementioned crop top got a good workout.

There are many reasons why Jhene Aiko is a worthy subject of praise, but perhaps her wardrobe malfunction was the most memorable. As a matter of fact, Jhene Aiko has been hailed as one of the rising stars in the music industry, and her sexy looks and sexy sound have certainly made her a shoo-in for the upcoming Grammy awards. She is clearly a star on the rise, and with her talent, she will be a household name in no time. As for the aforementioned wardrobe malfunction, she attributed the feat to a lack of double sided tape. In the end, she is still a lucky lady.

In the end, the “Big Show at the Joe” might have been a moot point, but it was still a grandiose occasion. As for Jhene Aiko, she is a rising star in the music industry and will no doubt be a major player in the ensuing decades. Until then, fans can look forward to more hot tracks from the aforementioned diva. A slew of new sexy songs from Jhene Aiko have been released in recent months, including: “The Worst,” “3:16AM,” and “Bed Peace.” Hopefully, she’ll continue to blaze the trail.

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