Jets New Quarterback

The Jets Need a New QB

The New York Jets are a professional American football team based in New York. They play in the National Football League in the American Football Conference East division. They won the Super Bowl in 2012 and are currently the third-placed team in the league. In addition to being a major contender in the NFL, the Jets also have a rich history dating back to 1905.

Wilson was considered a pure passer and was the ideal candidate to run the West Coast offense. His quick hands, feet, and eyes made him a perfect fit for the play-action and boot-based offense. Wilson was known to approach everything with bright eyes, and the Jets believe he will fit in with his new teammates and offensive coordinator.

The Jets had a number of options for a quarterback in the draft, but Wilson seemed to be the favorite of the team’s fans. The Jets conducted five-hour videoconference calls with Wilson to evaluate his football acumen and leadership qualities. Ultimately, the Jets chose Wilson with the No. 2 overall pick.

Despite the loss, the Jets are optimistic about the future of their team. Sam Darnold’s performance has many fans thinking the Jets will have new hope in the future. However, the quarterback position remains a big one and the Jets will need to work to make sure that they find the right quarterback soon.

The Jets are a thin group at linebacker. However, Sherwood has the potential to see a significant amount of action as a rookie. In addition, the Jets have a new defensive coordinator in Robert Saleh. This means a few more new faces on the linebacker position.

Streveler has done his part for the Jets, but his future is still uncertain. He was a big part of the Jets’ 3-0 preseason record. While he may not be the long-term answer to the Jets’ quarterback situation, he was a valuable piece of the puzzle during the preseason.

The Jets’ fourth-round pick could play a role in the crowded backfield. He had ten carries against Green Bay last week, and he looks bigger than 5’8″. His play on third down was impressive, as well. His burst and ability to make tough tackles are a big plus. He has a solid running game and could get significant playing time in the Jets’ backfield this season.

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