Jessica Alba Halloween Costume

Jessica Alba in a Halloween Costume That Fits Her Growing Bump

As a fan of Halloween, Jessica Alba has always found ways to spruce up her holiday attire. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a dress, or a pair of shoes, she’s always found a way to make a statement. This year, she opted for a clever costume that fit her growing baby bump.

She teamed up with her best friend, Kelly Sawyer, to recreate some of the most memorable duos from pop culture history. They dressed up as a duo from the movie Romy and Michelle: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, the Ab Fab duo, and the Axl Rose and Slash duo from Guns N’ Roses.

Jessica also showed off her costume-related knick knacks, including a nifty tool belt and a bright red bandana. While she was at it, she also took the time to share a few photos of her family. Her daughter, Honor Marie, was born in June, and she and her husband, Cash Warren, have two other kids. The couple is expecting a third child in the coming months.

For her own Halloween bash, Jessica opted to wear a dress that was more likely to be seen on her Instagram feed than her website. In addition to her dress, she accessorized it with a faux utility belt and a pink bow. She wore a white Peter Pan collar and black loafers. Keeping in the theme of her costume, she added black and red socks and a faux enamel button.

She also showed off her daughter’s trick or treating costume. It was not as impressive as the one her husband and teenage daughter wore, but it was still pretty dang cute. Hayes, the couple’s son, was decked out in a monster truck costume, but it was nothing compared to the costume his parents wore.

Besides the usual pumpkin carving, Jessica and her friends opted for an American Horror Story: Freak Show themed evening. Their outfits were a bit less elaborate than the stars, but they still did the edgy homage to the classic horror film.

Another Halloween novelty was the infamous “Romy and Michelle” costume. Both girls wore identical dresses, but that was not the only thing they got right. Fortunately, it’s not too late to get in on the Halloween costume craze.

Other notable Halloween costume mentions include: Jay Z, who wore a King Jaffe Joffer costume; Nicki Minaj, who wore a ‘fairy fking princess’ costume; and Beyonce, who donned a ‘Queen Aoleon’ costume. Though she’s not the first to pull off this Halloween trick, Jessica has certainly been able to make it work for her.

For her daughter’s Halloween party, she teamed up with friend and actress Kelly Sawyer to recreate some of the most well-known duos of modern times. They wore an Ab Fab duo, the ‘Romy and Michelle’ high school reunion, and the twins from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

Considering her love of all things pop culture, it’s no wonder she chose to show off the ‘Romy’ and ‘Michele’ in costume form. In fact, she has a long history of costume-wearing, and her selection was more than a simple nod to the movie.

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