Jesse Rutherford And Devon Carlson Breakup

Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson Breakup

If you follow social media, then you’ve probably heard the news about Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson breaking up. The couple was a power couple and they were very popular. They dated for seven years, until they broke up in 2021. But despite the separation, they still keep in touch. As a result, they have a huge social media following. This is due to the fact that they are a popular couple, and they often post pictures of themselves on Instagram and other social networking sites.

Fans of Jesse and Devon are saddened to learn about their breakup. Although they didn’t announce it publicly, they kept quiet about it for a few months. However, rumors began to surface that they were dating again. In the weeks leading up to their breakup, they were spending a lot of time together.

During this period, many fans were snooping around the couple’s social media accounts to find out if they had a new relationship. Some even went as far as to create their own TikToks about their relationship.

One of the more interesting TikToks was the one that claimed that Devon and Jesse have been dating for five years. Unfortunately, the video was fake. There are a number of other videos like this online. It seems that these people are merely using the TikTok to make a statement about their relationship.

A few months later, however, they supposedly broke up for good. At the time, a lot of fans wondered why they had not made a public announcement. They also wondered why Carlson had deleted a few of her pictures of Rutherford from her Instagram page. However, this was not the first time that the two had a breakup.

Eventually, both Devon and Jesse posted some of their pictures of each other on their respective Instagram pages. However, the two had to take a break from posting a lot of pictures of themselves. Their social media profiles were not active for a few months. That was until their followers started to ask them about their breakup.

Eventually, the two reunited. As a result, they were able to share their love story again. According to GQ, they are the “most 2019 couple”. Many of their fans are enthralled with their romance, and many are hoping that they will remain in the picture.

On Halloween, they dressed as old men and babies. They were photographed kissing and holding hands. And they were even spotted in Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

Of course, it’s not uncommon to see fans snooping around the pair’s social media accounts to find out a few things. While they were rumored to be dating again, the two have not publicly addressed the rumors.

One of the more interesting rumors that has been floating around is that they are dating someone else. Several users on Zwei Moi have said that they have seen Rutherford with a woman. After some research, they have figured out that it’s Eilish.

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