Jesse Goins Net Worth

Jesse Goins Net Worth

Jesse Goins is an actor who has appeared in several television shows over the years. He is probably most well known for his role as Cyler Johnson in The Greatest American Hero. During his career, Goins has starred in a number of other TV shows, including RoboCop, Patriot Games and Hill Street Blues. However, he is also known for his work in feature films such as WarGames (1983), Up the Creek (1984) and The Ugly Truth (2009).

Jesse Goins died unexpectedly on the set of Gold Rush. According to reports, the actor was found unconscious by a crew member on the Colorado shoot, but he did not survive. In the end, the actor was pronounced dead at a hospital. While no cause of death was immediately determined, TMZ reported that it was a heart attack.

In addition to his role on Gold Rush, Goins also appeared on other Discovery Channel shows, such as The Dirt and the Jamie Kennedy Experiment. He was considered a recurring actor on the former show, and was also seen on the latter. Additionally, he played a gold-room operator in the series.

The Gold Rush franchise has been on the air since 2010, with many of the episodes featuring placer gold mining in Dawson City, Alaska. Several spinoffs have also been made, such as Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. Although the series did not last long, it did manage to make its mark on the Discovery Channel. Until his untimely passing, Goins was the highest paid actor on the show, earning approximately $50,000 per episode. After the show ended, the actor decided to leave the franchise.

Goins also landed a few notable guest spots, including the aforementioned Patriot Games, an off-kiltered drama about the life of a civil rights activist. His other appearances include Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, and a number of quirky sitcoms and soaps.

Goins was not without his share of accolades. He was considered to be one of the most talented actors in the industry, and was also a fan favorite. One of his most memorable roles was as a character named Brown in the 1984 comedy Up the Creek. Despite his successes, he also suffered a couple of setbacks, including a near-fatal car accident.

Although he was not in the spotlight for long, Jesse Goins did have a few noteworthy roles. He was cast in the miniseries King, a three-episode biographical account of the life of the civil rights icon, Martin Luther King, Jr. This drew praise from critics and viewers, and a film version of the series was subsequently released. Another popular role of Goins’ was as the gangster in the cult hit RoboCop. Even so, his work on Gold Rush and other films is what really helped elevate him to star status. Besides his role as a gold-room operator, Goins also took on the role of FBI agent Shaw in the hit TV miniseries Patriot Games.

Aside from his acting chops, Goins also had a successful business venture. Previously, he was a co-owner and director of a mining company in Montana. Since taking over the family quarry from his father, he has mined more than 13 million dollars’ worth of gold.

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