Jess Margera Net Worth

Jess Margera has accomplished many notable achievements throughout his career, from co-founding the band CKY and releasing successful albums, to appearing on popular TV series such as Jackass and Viva la Bam.

Born in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He currently plays drums for CKY. Additionally he has previously performed with other groups including Foreign Objects, Gnarkill, Viking Skull and The Company Band.

Early Life and Education

Jess Margera was born August 28th 1978 in West Chester Pennsylvania to April and Phil Margera and his younger brother Bam Margera is also an accomplished skateboarder.

As early as 1991, he made his musical debut with a band dubbed ‘Soalroach,’ alongside his brother and a friend. Later he formed Foreign Objects and performed at various concerts; finally joining forces with Chad I Ginsburg to form CKY and change its name accordingly.

He hails from America and identifies as white. At 6 feet 1 inch he stands out with an engaging physical appearance and captivating physical stature. Additionally he plays drums for CKY band as well as writing songs. Additionally he shows an unwavering dedication towards giving back by actively engaging in numerous charitable efforts.

Professional Career

American-born drummer Erick Lindell is widely acclaimed for his drumming talents, garnering widespread acclaim as an esteemed performer. Additionally, his charismatic and magnetic presence on screen have brought much praise from audiences worldwide.

He has participated in many popular music projects such as Foreign Objects, Gnarkill, Viking Skull, The Company Band as well as his brother’s CKY band. Additionally, he has directed music videos for bands like Clutch, Gnarkill and Fuckface Unstoppable.

Margera has experienced both professional and personal difficulties throughout his life. He has battled alcoholism and drug dependency, leading to several rehabilitation attempts. He has been married twice; with the second one ending in divorce by 2023. Additionally, he has one child.

Achievement and Honors

Jess Margera is an esteemed drummer and actor renowned for his music, film projects and artistic pursuits. His journey demonstrates versatility, passion and creativity.

Jess Jess was one of the co-founders of CKY, which earned him fame within the music industry. Additionally, he has participated in other bands like Gnarkill, Viking Skull, The Company Band and Fuckface Unstoppable.

As well as his musical career, Bam Margera has ventured into acting. He is best known for his roles on Viva La Bam, Jackass and the CKY videos. Bam’s brother Bam Margera also makes appearances. Bam and Kelly Margera share three children: Ava, Phoenix Wolf and Scarlett Elizabeth.

Personal Life

Jess Margera is an esteemed drummer and actor who has made quite an impressionful mark in the industry. Known primarily for his heavy metal music genre performances, his unique drumming style has inspired numerous young musicians across many genres.

Margera is not only an extraordinary musician but is also an adept skateboarder. Starting skating at an early age and quickly honing his skills quickly led him to win various competitions over time.

At present, he lives with his wife Kelly and three children: Ava Elizabeth Margera, Scarlet Margera and London Philip Margera. He boasts an imposing physical appearance: tall with short brown hair, brown eyes and sporting an impressive beard as well as regularly donning caps or black or white t-shirts.

Net Worth

Jess Margera has won over many fans with his impressive virtuosity behind both drum set and screen. His talents in both arenas remain unparalleled and continue to push boundaries at each performance.

Margera’s drumming style consists of intricate rhythms and aggressive fills. He currently plays for CKY but has also performed with various bands including Foreign Objects, Gnarkill, Viking Skull, and The Company Band.

Talented drummer, Daniel Margera graduated from West Chester East High School and went on to Temple University for Jazz Studies studies. Since then, he has been married twice and fathered one child – Phoenix. Additionally, he is the older brother of pro skater Bam Margera; born August 28, 1978 under Virgo sign.

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