Jerleen Davis

Jerleen Davis Naccari

On January 5, 2017 Jerleen Davis Naccari passed away. She was an inspiring woman who lived life to the fullest. She was a loving wife and mother to five children: Janelle Naccari Pugh, Lisa Naccari Keyes, Paula Naccari Wills, Stephanie Naccari Farr and Paul Francis Naccari III.

Early Life and Education

Jerleen John is an ambitious individual who will sacrifice what they desire for the greater good of others. They possess great creative and artistic ability, yet don’t hesitate to take action when necessary in order to reach their objectives.

They often volunteer to work on civic projects and take responsibility for what needs to be done. People admire their confident demeanor, seeking their advice for a variety of problems.

Boston 25 reports that Jerleen John, the head of Excel High School, confirmed to them the teenager involved in the incident could face disciplinary action according to their school code of conduct. She will appear before Quincy Juvenile Court for a charge of assault and battery at a later date.

Professional Career

Jerleen John is an award-winning educator with impressive credentials. She leads South Boston High School – Excel, a top performing charter school within Boston Public Schools system; this role comes with high expectations and an eye-watering salary to boot! Keeping all the brightest students around town requires no small feat – hence why Jerleen needs such a large budget! Jerleen takes her role as leader of the pack seriously, which she proudly displays with a smile and an oversized goldfish on her desk. She’s also known for being both; most people who know her would say no brainer but occasionally engage in some good old fashion fabrication!

Achievements and Honors

Jerleen John has earned numerous awards and honors throughout her career. She has worked for organizations such as Student Achievement Partners and The Grow Network/McGraw-Hill, with a focus on education, leadership development and content design. Currently serving as Chief of Staff for Achievement First – a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students reach their academic potential – she oversees strategic planning, executes key organizational priorities and serves as an advisor to the CEO and senior leaders.

Every year, the Charles County Public Schools Board of Education recognizes a student and staff member for their accomplishments in academic achievement, career readiness and personal responsibility. These honorees are selected by school principals and presented with certificates at a public meeting.

Personal Life

Jerleen John was a woman of many talents and interests. She and her husband Bill had long been active supporters of their local Vienna/Rader United Methodist Church, volunteering at the food bank and blood donation drives. A true homemaker, Jerleen enjoyed baking, sewing, quilting and gardening; listening to public radio programs while admiring nature’s beauty; playing bridge and Yahtzee in her free time were two other passions she enjoyed. Survived by daughter Diane King (Steve Jaynes) and son Jon Asher of Tulsa OK; five grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; as well as numerous nieces and nephews; Jerleen will be missed by her three grandchildren; five grandkids; along with numerous nieces and nephews she loved so much.

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