Jeff Schreve Net Worth

Jeff Schreve Net Worth – How Much Is Jeff Schreve Worth?

Jeff Schreve is a pastor and the founder of From His Heart Ministries. His spiritual story of struggle and triumph forms the basis for his calling as well as being central to every sermon preached daily by him.

He and his wife reside in Texarkana, Texas with three daughters and two cherished granddaughters.

Early Life and Education

Jeff Schreve was born in Canton, Ohio. He earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Texas at Austin; as well as an advanced degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jeff currently pastors First Baptist Church of Texarkana Texas as well as running From His Heart Ministries which offers radio and TV broadcast ministry in Texas and Arkansas. Additionally he owns a company which develops high quality storage facilities across the Midwest region.

His real-life spiritual story provides the basis of his sermons. Growing up in a troubled home and engaging in juvenile delinquency formed much of his early years; these struggles and victories form the basis of his message for a world in need. Alongside Debbie, they share three daughters and two granddaughters who enjoy spending time together while golfing.

Professional Career

Jeff is an impassioned communicator of the gospel. A graduate from The University of Texas at Austin with a Business Administration degree, Jeff spent 12 years as a sales representative before feeling God calling him into preaching ministry. Now serving First Baptist Church of Texarkana as Senior Pastor while also hosting From His Heart Ministries radio/television program,

Jeff employs relevant biblical teaching to uncover answers for life’s most pressing challenges, and has delivered sermons on such subjects as stewardship, tithing, and living like a King’s kid. Jeff and Debbie reside in Texarkana with their three beautiful daughters and two granddaughters as well as being actively involved with community programs such as Collaborate2Cure and Start at Zero; furthermore he serves on the Mid-America Regional Council Board.

Achievement and Honors

Jeff Schreve is an enthusiastic preacher, dedicated to sharing Christ with those feeling helpless and hopeless. After earning a Business Administration degree at the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 and working as a salesman for twelve years before God led him into preaching full time, God called Jeff into preaching full time in 1996.

Jeff serves as pastor of First Baptist Church of Texarkana and founded From His Heart ministries – an online radio and TV ministry supported by donations made from listeners and viewers that takes no salary but uses all funds donated towards furthering broadcasts.

His wife Debbie and he met through Champion Forest Baptist Church Singles Department where they have been together ever since 1985.

Personal Life

Jeff Schreve’s personal spiritual story is one of transformation. His struggles and triumphs form the cornerstone of his calling, interweaved into sermons he delivers daily. His core message: no matter how badly we misbehave, God still loves us and has a plan for our lives.

He and his wife, Debbie, live in Texarkana, Texas with three daughters and two granddaughters, in addition to serving as hosts of radio and television programs from From His Heart Ministries.

Jeff Shreve keeps his personal life low-key, preferring not to divulge details of any relationships he might be involved with. However, public response has been positive regarding appearances with attractive women he may encounter while out and about – though at present he does not appear to be dating anyone.

Net Worth

Jeff Schreve currently boasts an estimated net worth of $915,462. A well-recognized pastor and public speaker, Jeff delivers insightful sermons that illuminate key biblical teachings while providing answers to life’s challenging questions through relevant Biblical messages. His sermons help listeners make sense of life.

Jeff currently serves as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas and was appointed in February 2003 after having held positions as Pastor of Membership and Missions at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston prior to that appointment.

Pastor Jeff is also host of “From His Heart Ministries”, an audience/viewer supported radio/television ministry where listeners/viewers contribute funds directly. Pastor Jeff and Debbie reside in Texarkana where they enjoy golf and Texas Longhorn football – not to mention raising three daughters and two delightful granddaughters!

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