Jawaan Daniels

Jawaan Daniels’ Family Gets Boost in Legal Team

John Burris, Ben Crump and Lee Merritt will join Jawan Dallas’ family as legal representation. This news marks an incredible advancement for them as three high-profile civil rights attorneys are joining them on the case of Jawan Dallas being Tased to Death by Mobile police officers in Alabama.

Williams’ value lies in his versatility, which allows opposing receivers to have more assignments against him. Additionally, he’s an effective run defender with some pass-rush potential.

Early Life and Education

Jamaan Daniels was 15 when he was fatally shot waiting for the bus home from school. This killing and others like it led schools to make changes in discipline policies; now parents and community advocates are pushing even harder; they want schools to focus less on suspensions and more on counseling; calling upon state lawmakers to pass Solutions not Suspensions legislation like Sam Radford from Citizen Action of New York as one of their organizers.

Professional Career

He played an integral part of the offense that enabled James Robinson, as a rookie running back for the Jaguars, to rush for more yards than any other Jaguars rookie in 2020. Furthermore, he has appeared in all 16 games played for the team so far.

Mason is an impressive run blocker with potential to become even better pass protector. Unfortunately, he will have to share playing time with an underperforming center and an average right tackle at $20 Million per year in this market.

Jacksonville Jaguars selected him in the second-round of 2019 NFL Draft.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels has received many honors and recognition in the NFL, such as being named to the Pro Bowl after each season since 2021; as well as receiving both PFWA All-AFC Team and AP All-Pro recognition.

Basketball player at Teaneck High School in New Jersey. Led Highwaymen to Group III state sectional championship. Played for Northeast Basketball Club and Dyckman during summer league play – earning him Nike Player of Summer honors. Currently attends Central Georgia Technical College two-year college in Macon Georgia with plans of transferring into Division I once degree completes.

Personal Life

Family of Jawan Dallas, an unarmed 36-year-old Black man who was fatally tased by police in Mobile, AL has received an aid in their fight for justice from three leading civil rights attorneys who have joined their legal team representing their family.

Erin Daniels, better known by her stage name Manorama, was born to an Irish mother and Indian father and began acting at nine. Soon thereafter she established herself as a popular child artist in Lahore films. Additionally, Erin trained classical singing and dancing, performing stage shows as well.

Rakesh Roshan was her spouse; together they have two daughters.

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