Jasmine Man

Jasmine Mans is a poet from Newark, NJ who graduated from UW-Madison’s First Wave program. In 2012 she published Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels; later that same year Black Girl Call Home came out.

Using traditional poetic stanzas, this book explores the desires, identities, and resilience of Black girls across America. Here Rachael Herron joins Mans to discuss her work.

Early Life and Education

Jasmine Man has made her mark as an actress, dancer and director. Beginning at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York as a dancer, Jasmine moved onto performing on Broadway productions of Beehive and Leader of the Pack before appearing in several television shows including Melrose Place, NYPD Blue and A Different World from Bill Cosby’s spin-off series.

Jasmine has long been an advocate of the arts, using her platform to raise funds and awareness of social justice issues related to art. Additionally, she has participated in events designed to assist small independent artists and arts organizations.

Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels was her debut collection of poetry. Recently, she released Black Girl Call Home which explores narratives of women of color.

Professional Career

Jasmine Guy has quickly established herself as a force within the entertainment industry, demonstrating her talent and dedication in multiple mediums ranging from dancing and acting to writing and directing. Thanks to her unique set of abilities, Guy stands out from her competitors and enjoys an outstanding career path.

She began her professional dance career at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City, later appearing in various stage productions and television shows such as Spike Lee’s School Daze movie and hit sitcom A Different World – further cementing her reputation in Hollywood.

She is also an accomplished author, having published multiple books such as Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels in 2012 and Black Girl, Call Home in 2018. Her writing has gone viral on YouTube and she has opened for acts such as Mos Def and Janelle Monae.

Achievement and Honors

Jasmine Guy is not only an award-winning actress but she is also an award-winning poet and author. Her first book, Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels was published in 2012 while Black Girl Call Home received critical acclaim shortly thereafter.

She is best-known for playing Whitley Gilbert-Wayne on A Different World and Dina in School Daze; in addition, she is an active social activist.

Julie and Eve discuss Newark-based poet artist Jasmine Mans in this week’s episode of Book Dreams. Her recently published poetry book, Black Girl, Call Home was one of Oprah’s Most Anticipated LGBTQ Books as well as TIME Magazine Must Reads. Her poetry has gone viral on YouTube and opened packed shows for artists like Mos Def and Janelle Monae; additionally she has performed at esteemed venues including Kennedy Center, Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theater and Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion.

Personal Life

Jasmine Guy is an award-winning spoken word artist and author who has won over audiences with her thought-provoking poetry. Her latest book Black Girl, Call Home is a collection of poems which explore issues surrounding race and identity.

Her poetry has gained widespread recognition on YouTube, and in 2012 her debut poetry collection Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels was published. Since then she has opened shows for Mos Def and Janelle Monae as well as taking part in Russell Simmons’ Brave New Voices series on HBO.

Guy is not only known for her poetry, but she is also an actress. From 1987-1993 she appeared as Whitley Gilbert on A Different World as well as Kayla from Will Smith’s Stompin at Savoy movie (1991). Additionally she had a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries from 2009-17 as Sheila Bennett; additionally she serves as spokesperson for Ulta Beauty’s MUSE campaign.

Net Worth

Jasmine Guy is an esteemed actress, dancer and singer who has established a name for herself in the industry. Her work is widely respected among her peers and fans, which has contributed to an impressive net worth. Jasmine’s talents extend beyond acting – her opera “I Dream” showcased these directing skills and broadened her creative portfolio, further increasing her wealth.

Income earned from “A Different World” has played a pivotal role in shaping her current fortunes. She currently resides in Atlanta and works at Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theater Company as executive director, where her talents, perseverance, and drive make her an asset that should not be ignored.

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