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Hollis Daniels’ Mother Talks to Jurors on Friday

Jurors in Hollis Daniels’ capital murder trial at Texas Tech University heard from his mother Janis on Friday morning.

She told the jury her son was depressed and self-loathing, using drugs from synthetic marijuana to acid and Xanax.

She further told jurors her son was close to Cunningham, whom she described as a grandfather figure, and heard his tears as he draped himself over the body when Cunningham passed.

Early Life and Education

Janis Daniels was born July 23rd 1998 to H. A. “Danny” Daniels and Janis Turk Daniels in Seguin, Texas. His father operated a family owned movie theater while his mother is an award-winning travel photographer featured on CNN’s airport network.

Janis and Hollis divorced shortly before Hollis was born and his father later succumbed to cancer in 2008. Janis later remarried Milton.

Janis testified in court that she did not recognize the signs that her son had mental health problems until he began abusing Xanax and marijuana, saying her family wasn’t raised to seek assistance for such matters. Furthermore, multiple family members had struggled with alcoholism or depression but didn’t seek help for treatment.

Professional Career

Janis Ian’s professional career began at age 12 when she wrote her first song and published it by Broadside Magazine. Soon thereafter, she started performing at Greenwich Village’s Gaslight Cafe alongside performers such as Tom Paxton, Lou Gossett Jr, Judy Collins, and Phil Ochs.

As well as writing Society’s Child, she also narrated an audio version which won an Audie Award, recording industry equivalent to a Grammy. Many singers such as Cher, John Mellencamp, Celine Dion, Hugh Masakela and Nana Mouskouri have recorded her songs; even on some recordings Dolly Parton and Mel Torme appear as duet partners!

Hollis Daniels was born into a family that owned multiple theaters in Seguin, Texas.

Achievement and Honors

Janis Joplin is one of the most beloved rock icons, having been honored with both an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Her impactful contributions continue to influence and inspire audiences of various genres worldwide.

Though her movies have been critically-acclaimed, some critics have maintained that they perpetuate certain stereotypes of African-American women. Her latest project Precious has drawn mixed reviews.

Daniels has expanded her oeuvre beyond film with her co-creation of Empire, an Emmy-award winning television series about a family behind an established music label. Additionally, she voiced an audiobook version of Patience and Sarah by Mike Resnick for Audible that won an Audie Award – the audio industry equivalent of an Oscar award.

Personal Life

Janis Daniels holds firm to her faith. She’s an active member of her church’s choir and loves singing in it herself. Additionally, she enjoys spending time camping and golfing with her family.

Her extended family members told jurors that Daniels didn’t believe in seeking counseling for mental health issues such as addiction and depression; rather, they perceived them as weaknesses rather than serious illnesses.

Hollis was arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana, so his parents put him into Guadalupe County juvenile drug court program where he completed it successfully. When testifying before court for mental health concerns related to her son, Hollis’ mother claimed no signs were evident despite discovering a journal with suicidal sketches inside – when asked by defense whether or not she threw away this journal she replied she simply moved it from one room to another room instead.

Net Worth

Hollis Daniels was born July 23rd 1998 at Guadalupe Valley Hospital in Seguin, Texas to his father Dan Daniels – owner of a family theater – and mother Janis Turk – travel writer who also appears as part of WOAI TV San Antonio Living’s “Travel Tuesday” segment.

His mother reported that her son struggled with drug addiction, often smoking marijuana and taking Xanax for anxiety. While he enjoyed music and water skiing, depression caused him to have no hope for the future. Unfortunately, neither his parents nor Carrie took his problems seriously enough and regret not doing more; currently Carrie models for Venus Swimwear and has made appearances in multiple fitness magazines.

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