Jane The Virgin Wallpaper

Jane the Virgin Wallpaper

When Jane the Virgin started, it was decided from the start that the show would lovingly satirize the telenovela genre. It would take the tropes and drama of that genre and transform them into an honest, lovable view of love and romance. It would do this by bringing characters into the telenovela world with a big heart, soaring arias, and the occasional wink to the audience, like having real telenovela star Jaime Camil play fictional telenovela star Rogelio de la Vega in a season one episode.

The show’s homage to telenovelas was also a way for the writers to pay tribute to the genre that inspired it. Whether it was the romanticized telenovela narrator or cartoonish caricatures, the show would lovingly embrace the wacky trappings of this beloved genre and put them to use to make smart, witty, and often poignant commentary.

As the show progressed, it became increasingly clear that this homage was not just a wink to its audience but also a means for highlighting its own flaws. It would often delve into topics like religion and multiculturalism, all of which were reflected in Alba’s experience as an undocumented immigrant.

It was also a way for the show to deal with issues that are relevant today, especially with our country’s ongoing abortion debate. Earlier this week, the third and final presidential debate featured a heated discussion about abortion that got people talking online.

A recurrent theme on the show has been Jane’s belief that life doesn’t always provide you with fairytale endings. This is something that she learns through her experiences with Michael, Xo, and Rafael. She knows that if she wants to find true love, she has to be prepared for the ups and downs of real life.

On a recent episode of the series, Jane finds herself struggling with her feelings about Michael’s marriage proposal. She blurts out that she’s pregnant, which shocks Michael because he had no idea she wanted to keep the baby. His reaction is not a good one.

Thankfully, Jane’s mother and grandmother are supportive of her decision to keep the baby. They encourage her to keep the child and tell her that she can have an abortion if she’s not happy.

The show’s depiction of women as independent and resilient is also a strong point that it uses to highlight the importance of reproductive rights. It’s not surprising that the CW series has dealt with the issue of abortion before, but this week’s storyline was particularly dramatic and eye-opening.

It’s also a reminder that despite all the pragmatism that the series has provided, a lot of hard work and sacrifice still go into achieving happiness. It’s the little details that add up to the end result and it’s this that makes the show such a joy to watch.

While we’re on the subject of adversity, Jane also finds herself at odds with Petra over the fact that she has a crush on Rafael. While she knows that it’s completely inappropriate for her to have a relationship with him, Jane can’t help but be envious of his charm and wit. She also wonders if it could be possible for her to develop a love triangle with Rafael and Petra.

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