James O’Keefe Net Worth

James O’Keefe Net Worth – How Much Does James O’Keefe Earn?

James Edward O’Keefe III was an American activist known for recording undercover audio and video encounters with academic, governmental, and social service organizations he investigated as part of Project Veritas.

As a result, no information about his family and children is publicly available.

Early Life and Education

James O’Keefe III was born in Bergen County, New Jersey on 28 June 1984 and is known for his independent films and journalism that explore corruption, dishonesty, waste in government institutions. Additionally, he established Project Veritas which investigates such misconduct within both private and government institutions.

James has caused great consternation with his highly edited hidden-camera recordings of employees at ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and NPR executives, and his investigations have resulted in congressional inquiries, state and federal probes, de-funding of taxpayer-funded organizations, resignations, firings and disciplinary actions against individuals involved.

O’Keefe is an influential speaker and author, best known for his criticisms of modern media, particularly establishment journalists that serve to keep powerful figures comfortable while keeping the public misinformed.

Professional Career

James O’Keefe is an American conservative political activist renowned for exposing liberal media outlets and progressive organizations through undercover videos. He founded Project Veritas in his father’s garage in suburban New York; additionally, he works as a software quality assurance engineer while having run for office numerous times.

At Planned Parenthood, Lila Rose posed as pregnant to secretly record staff trying to convince her of lying about her age for an abortion – one of many high-profile sting operations led by Peter. In one such sting operation, Peter used Lila as bait. This allowed him to expose numerous well-known figures for their dishonesty and corruption. One famous example is when Peter had Lila pose as pregnant to record them trying to convince her otherwise.

O’Keefe enjoys a comfortable middle-class income. Both his salary and that of the organization he leads have increased by 60% since 2012. Revenue has surged 608% under his leadership.

Achievement and Honors

This activist is widely known for staging secret audio and video encounters at academic, government, and social service institutions to expose any abusive or potentially unlawful behaviour, while conducting sting operations with journalists.

He has come under attack by right-wing media and political groups, and accused of peddling fake news.

O’Keefe prefers to keep his personal and romantic lives private despite being in the spotlight, although reports indicate he may still be single. Details regarding his dating history will be posted on this page once available; in the meantime, one can only speculate as to who his current partner might be. He also prefers keeping financial matters confidential, perhaps to protect his wealth.

Personal Life

James O’Keefe, 38 years old and known for staging shocking videos depicting suspected illegal activities by prominent figures. O’Keefe graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree.

James O’Keefe stands at an average height and is currently single.

Uncertain of whether or not he has children as of yet, due to being such an opaque individual it can be challenging to gain any information regarding his personal life.

He spends his spare time playing tennis and golf, spending time with family and friends, supporting animal-related charities, making videos that expose pet industry cruelty, as well as hosting an avid interest in reading and writing about these subjects.

Net Worth

O’Keefe has built his career around filming undercover sting operations designed to embarrass targets such as news organizations, labor groups and Democratic politicians. He created Project Veritas 13 years ago; their most recent IRS filing shows it earned $20.8 million.

O’Keefe keeps his personal life very private, with few details about any relationships in existence at the present. It is known that he is currently single.

James O’Keefe founded and funds a foundation which backs anti-government groups such as Americans for Limited Terms and Citizens for Self-Governance. Additionally, this fund funded Project Veritas and CATO Institute; its assets were valued at approximately one billion as of March 2019. He hails from Bergen County in New Jersey.

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