Jaew Hon New York

Jaew Hon New York in Jackson Heights, Queens

If you’re looking for a unique meal in New York, consider the Thai hot pot restaurant Jaew Hon. This place has over 1200 locations and specializes in authentic Thai cuisine. The food is surprisingly inexpensive, although you may want to make reservations in advance. You should also be prepared to wait for a while, especially on weekends.

The menu is a combination of grilled pork belly, thinly sliced beef ribeye, and assorted vegetables. Other dishes you can enjoy include the intestine, baby octopus, and pork belly. You can also try the restaurant’s signature squid and pork belly.

Jaew Hon New York is located at 71-30 Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Heights, Queens. It serves all-you-can-eat Thai hot pot. Customers are free to select their preferred Thai-inspired broths, including tom zap, tom yum, or basil. If you’re looking for something more spicy, you can also opt to try the spicy soup. There’s also a selection of meat and organs, such as beef liver, pork kidney, and yentafo.

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