Jacks Gear

Jacks Gear

Jack equipment is used for lifting heavy loads. Different kinds of jacks use hydraulic or scissor mechanisms for lifting, with portable and lightweight versions also being available.

Delta Squad members Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago frequently relied on JACK as an extension of their team during the Lightmass Offensive, commanding him to open doors and tear through walls for them.

Early Life and Education

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Delta Squad relied heavily on JACK for door clearance during the Lightmass Offensive. He helped them recon the House of Sovereigns by opening doors into alley ways and catwalks so they could progress towards Franklin’s Outpost more rapidly. JACK was also assigned the task of cutting through doors at Chap’s Gas Station and Lethia Imulsion Facility.

In Nexus, JACK was responsible for hacking into a Locust control center and displaying tunnel data sent back by Adam Fenix back to Command. His actions were independent and did not come directly from Baird.

Professional Career

Jack Flynn is an award-winning freelance writer with more than 100 research papers, articles and blog posts to his credit. As an alumni of Hampshire College he boasts an exceptional background in writing and research. Presently he writes how-to and definition articles for Zippia while volunteering his services at schools, hospitals and nursing-homes alongside his certified therapy dog companion; Jack also volunteers his services by volunteering his boxer/labrador mix who volunteers as therapy dog! His goal as a writer is to assist people find and understand their careers; one article at a time!

Achievement and Honors

Following E-Day, the Coalition of Ordered Governments mass produced militarized versions of JACK robots designed for civilian use. These armored versions were then issued to Gear squads for use in combat situations; featuring UV filters, searchlight, and an internal cloaking device – making these models highly sought after among Gears as they perform various tasks from medical procedures and electrical repairs to unlocking encrypted files or locking electronic systems.

On one occasion, Delta Squad led JACK into Nexus to open doors for Grindlifts as they embarked upon their assault against Locust control center. He managed to hack into the system and obtain information showing Hollow layout; at Marcus’ request he provided this data back to Command; this feat earned him AGMA’s Distinguished Service Award.

Personal Life

Delta Squad members treat JACK like one of their team. He primarily opens doors, but can also hack computer terminals and communicate with the surface via com link. Marcus Fenix asked JACK to enter an old house to collect information on Locust underground forces; once inside, JACK tore open steel door while Fenix and Santiago protected him against Lambent Wretches and Berserkers.

JACK was taken back to the New Hope Research Facility and used as a geobot that displays tunnel data. With its help, Marcus created and deployed the Lightmass Bomb against Locust nests; this bomb inflicted heavy casualties upon them while simultaneously dismantling Kryll breeding grounds – unlike Troy who perished during Halvo Bay’s destruction. JACK survived intact!

Net Worth

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Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago consider JACK as part of their team, often asking him to open doors that were locked during the Lightmass Offensive at New Hope Research Facility. JACK then used his computer skills to hack its terminal to reveal tunnel data necessary for reaching Mount Kadar.

At other times, he opened tunnels for mining carts to enter and would hack computer terminals that allowed Delta to advance through the facility and reach their goal: the resonator in Hollow. There, he would reactivate an inoperable grindlift so as to cut through rock walls to enable Delta to continue their journey.

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