Jacking Station

Understanding the Jacking Station

A jacking station is the structure that contains hydraulic cylinders used to move microtunneling machines and pipelines forward, as well as a thrust wall to distribute reaction loads to the ground.

To ensure optimal construction results, the jacking station should be designed well ahead of time with detailed plans that include critical information during its build process. These should include lubrication systems and monitoring plans as well as being capable of monitoring high-speed railway tracks so as to return them back to normal speed when the super-large rectangular pipe jacking tunnel passes by.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

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Current jacking forces are stored in a system computer for easy retrieval by both personnel on construction sites as well as project offices or clients, who can then easily visualise it.

The ABB Jacking Control System integrates physical control panels and user-friendly computer screens for monitoring. Furthermore, it connects with their Remote Diagnostics System (RDS), providing connectivity back to shore as well as monitoring services remotely for expert system support and services.

Net Worth

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On long drives, geologically challenging routes or projects with stringent parameters, it is recommended to install intermediate jacking stations – IJSs – at points of anticipated axial thrust overloads. IJSs are steel cylinders filled with hydraulic jacks which can be placed between pipe segments during microtunneling boring operations; their additional jacking force helps lighten the load on the first casing at the entrance pit.

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