Jackie Figueroa Net Worth

Jackie Figueroa is a well-known social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram, as well as being a fashion model and YouTuber.

She was born August 18, 1996 and now, 24 years later, bears the zodiac sign Leo. Lily is her pet dog.

Early Life and Education

Jackie Figueroa has garnered an impressive social media influencer following. Through brand sponsorships and ad revenue, Jackie’s content has helped her make significant sums. Jackie serves as an invaluable mentor for other influencers by providing guidance for building successful careers on social media.

Jackie’s great sense of style has helped make her so popular on social media, especially Instagram, where she regularly posts outfit photos of herself in her highlights section.

She stands 5 feet, has average weight and brown eyes with light silky hair. Although not currently active on Twitter (under username “zeejfigs”) she previously held an account under this username until 2017. Since her retirement she has sought to stay out of any controversial situations or scandals which arise within society.

Professional Career

Jackie Figueroa has become one of the leading influencers on Instagram and YouTube, amassing an extensive following through these platforms. Her vines and vlogs have attracted followers both within her niche community and beyond.

Internet celebrity, Lizzy King is an advocate for charity work. In her videos she often promotes a cause she is passionate about. Additionally, she has collaborated with fellow influencers to build her brand and expand her reach.

Nicky, with whom she often collaborates on her videos. Additionally, she remains close to both of their mothers and often features them both in her content.

Influencer with Life Path number 6, she is well known to be generous and giving back to the community through active involvement in philanthropic efforts.

Achievement and Honors

Jackie Figueroa has earned herself an impressive following on social media as an established influencer, engaging audiences through posts combining humor and beauty to entertain audiences. Additionally, she is known as an established brand endorser, earning substantial amounts from merchandise sales and other promotional activities.

Born August 18th 1996 in El Salvador, she hails from Central America and boasts an enormous following on Instagram and other platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

She is best known for her glamorous photos posted to Instagram where she has amassed over 913k followers under the username jfigggs, while posting vlogs and Storytime videos on YouTube under her self-titled channel. At one point, she would often appear as a regular guest on the vlogs of former flame Brandon Awadis’ vlogs; they ended their relationship in 2017 however and she has since started dating someone she has yet to reveal publicly.

Personal Life

Jackie Figueroa’s social media presence has secured her some high-end endorsement deals despite her modest background. Her fashion and makeup interests draw the attention of fashion brands, such as “Fashion Nova.” Paid sponsorships account for a substantial part of her income.

Influencer has also collaborated with various YouTube creators and celebrities. Her involvement in projects helps expand her reach while creating a strong community around her.

Jackie Figueroa enjoys close ties with both of her parents; both frequently appear in her Instagram posts. Additionally, she and her sister share an important bond; often featuring each other’s content in their posts. From 2015 until 2017, Jackie dated YouTuber Brandon Awadis (Brawadis). However, their romance ended abruptly. To date, no information regarding potential romantic partners has been disclosed by Jackie or by anyone associated with Brawadis or Brawadis’ account.

Net Worth

Jackie Figueroa, an influential American social media influencer with over 63,000 followers on Instagram and renowned fashion content creator, boasts an expansive following. Her fashion posts are appreciated and her income comes from merchandise sales, brand endorsements and sponsored posts on the platform.

She is an official partner of clothing brands such as Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing, as well as working on paid promotions of food delivery services and online consignment stores.

The vlogger and model has an intimate bond with both of her parents who often appear in her online posts. Unfortunately, however, her other relatives remain unknown to the public.

Born August 18th 1996 in El Salvador, Figueroa stands 5ft5 with light brown hair. She weighs an average amount and her eyes are brown.

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