Jackie And Wilson Tab

Jackie and Wilson Tab

The Future Bites

While Steven Wilson is best known for his work with the Porcupine Tree, he has never been one to shy away from branching out and experimenting. On his sixth solo album, The Future Bites, Wilson flexes his creativity muscles in a plethora of genre-disparate ways.

The most interesting thing about this particular record is that it was recorded live, and the recording process is a bit unconventional in that the band members are all confined to a single room with no access to their equipment. The result is a sound that blends some of the most iconic serpentine fretwork in prog-rock history with a slew of nifty electronic wizardry.

Hozier’s homage

Jackie and Wilson aren’t necessarily the first names that spring to mind when thinking of the most creative song title, but it turns out that Irish musician Andrew Hozier-Byrne was onto something with this track. In fact, it’s the most viewed Hozier video on YouTube to date and one of the biggest hits on the Bray based singer’s debut album.

There are several notable things about this particular track, including its impressive video production. It has a high fidelity sound, with clear articulation and an uncanny ability to capture the feel of a real live performance. The lyrics are also quite lyrical and a smidgen more than your average pop song.

The best part about this track is that it demonstrates just how much fun guitar playing can be. It’s certainly a joy to watch the talented young man at work. He’s a true guitar hero with a dexterity that is hard to beat. If you’re looking to get better at your instrument, this is definitely the song for you!

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