Jack Yandow

Jack Yandow – Artist – Other

On April 4th 2022, JACK YANDOW filed a suit in Property – Other against his sister-in-law JANE YANDOW before RHONDA E BABB as judge and it currently remains Disposed – Other.

Nigro and Yandow stand accused of assaulting a victim who sustained fractures, lacerations and disfigurement following an altercation on an island less than quarter acre in Echo Bay last month.

Early Life and Education

Jack Yandow hails from Connecticut where he received both primary and secondary education. Now living and painting professionally in NYC’s Chelsea District, Denise Bibro Fine Art (Chelsea) represents him and showcases his artwork focusing on political, economic and socially relevant subjects – an active contributor to Gay Men’s Health Crisis/People With AIDS Coalition as co-founding donor; has private collections both in US and Europe as well as being actively involved with Connecticut arts ecosystem.

Professional Career

Jack Yandow has built an eclectic professional career, starting out in medicine before transitioning to technology consulting and then serving as CEO for several companies, such as Net-a-Porter USA. Additionally, Jack has extensive art education experience having taught at Metropolitan Museum of Art Florence Academy of Art Prince Charles Drawing School London among many other venues – his paintings can be found in private collections as well as public ones including US House of Representatives and St John Episcopal Church! Additionally he serves on ASAP! Board and is Chairman of Connecticut Arts Foundation where his passion for improving arts ecosystem is shared.

Personal Life

Jack Yandow has distinguished himself both professionally and artistically over his long and fruitful business executive career. His art focuses on political, economic and socially important subjects and has been shown in multiple exhibitions both domestically and abroad – represented by Denise Bibro Fine Art (Chelsea NYC) and Florence Academy of Art (Italy) respectively. Furthermore he has taught art lessons.

He is a tireless supporter of the Conservatory and its students, including marketing initiatives, capital gifts for new artists housing, and significant contributions to Angels, Directors’ Society, Artistic Excellence Society and other societies. Additionally, he’s an active member of Connecticut Arts Foundation.

On April 4, 2022, JANE YANDOW filed a property – Other Eviction lawsuit against JACK YANDOW at Brevard County Courts, Not Classified By Court located in Brevard County Florida and assigned it to Judge RHONDA E. BABB for hearing.

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