Jack Sammons

Jack Sammons

Sammons sits on the Memphis airport board, giving him an in-depth view of its challenges and improvements. He has been one of the key forces driving Southwest Airlines back into Memphis’ market here.

Jim Strickland and Harold Collins have voiced concerns that A C Wharton’s choice may appear political; nevertheless, she will go ahead with him as the city’s new Chief Administrative Officer.

Early Life and Education

Sammons completed an internship with Manhattan architect David Anthony Easton, a classicalist specializing in residential design. Additionally, he served as an adjunct instructor with Harrison Design Associates’ Visiting Scholar program where he taught classes on architectural proportion and design.

He is a founding member of both the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America, as well as The Royal Oak Foundation’s Advisory Board and Merchants House Museum Trustee in New York City; also, he belongs to The Guild of The New Urban Guild as well as The American Academy in Rome.

Sammons currently serves on the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority board and as president of Ampro Industries Inc, a manufacturer of hair-care products. Sammons maintains strong connections within City Hall; Mayor A C Wharton relies heavily on him to restore relations between his administration and council members.

Professional Career

Jack Sammons finally has an opportunity to put his management talents to use in Memphis after an impressive professional career. He has been appointed Chief Administrative Officer, taking over for George Little who recently passed on.

Sammons will officially start his role on May 8, but his appointment has caused much contention. Councilman Jim Strickland accused Mayor A C Wharton of using Sammons as a political tool and that it will cost taxpayers as his pension is much larger than that of firefighter or police officers.

Sammons serves as Chairman of Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority and has been widely recognized for helping Southwest Airlines recognize Memphis International’s potential. Additionally, he is an ardent Grizzlies fan, often leaving his luxury box during games to join fans cheering from within the stands.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Sammons is an esteemed celebrity, having worked tirelessly to attain this level of recognition. He can take great pride in all that has been accomplished throughout his career and being honored with multiple awards as a result of it all.

He has served as president of Ampro Industries, Inc. – which produces hair care products – since 2005, while also taking on other responsibilities and serving on various boards.

His role at Memphis International Airport has given him a sweeping overview of both its challenges and ongoing improvements. He served on MSCAA’s board from 2010-2015 as chairman. Most recently, he was appointed for another seven-year term on its board – something which caused widespread interest within Memphis itself.

Personal Life

Sammons has served as Griffin B Bell Professor Emeritus at Mercer University School of Law since 1997 and his writing focuses on legal ethics, professional practice and law and culture issues. His publications explore Heidegger-inspired thoughts concerning legal and cultural ethics as well as art, public dialogues both legal and political discussions as well as First Amendment.

Jack Sammons will return as City of Memphis Chief Administrative Officer later this month, having previously taken on this position when acting as interim Mayor Myron Lowery’s chief of staff following Willie Herenton’s departure in 2009.

Sammons plans on continuing as chairman of the airport authority board and to work on efforts to attract Southwest Airlines; however, state law prevents him from holding both positions simultaneously and his attempt at passing legislation bypassing this rule was defeated in this year’s legislature.

Net Worth

Jack Sammons’ net worth is substantial. His assets are spread out among various locations and his business and political connections have enabled him to amass an impressive fortune – not to mention numerous accolades throughout his career.

Sammons enjoys strong relations with the city council, which could prove advantageous in his new position. Additionally, his ability to connect with City Hall’s mini-universe is another asset; indeed he even managed to win back his seat after losing it to attorney John Bobango back in 1995!

He is also a major stockholder in AutoZone and runs a breeding operation for Alysheba – both are well-recognized in horse racing circles.

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