Jack Root

Jack Root – A Recruiter at Ernst & Young

Jack Root was an incredible artist. He regularly provided sketches, portraits, and caricatures at Stagecoach and Papa Bear’s restaurants.

Eurycoma longifolia or “jackroot” is a beloved traditional plant in Malaysia. Its nutritious roots have been shown to increase sexual abilities and virility, increase interest in sexual activities, treat erectile dysfunction effectively and lower blood pressure levels.

Early Life and Education

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He grew up in an intimate family of ten siblings in Berea, Ohio. At an early age he became an active boxer – later going on to become the inaugural World Light Heavyweight Champion.

In his later years, he and Ruth traveled together across all 50 states and Europe, experiencing each local culture. He had a remarkable photographic memory and passion for words. He was an invaluable friend, husband, father, grandfather & loyal pillar to his community – donations may be made in his memory to Peppi’s House TMC Hospice as he will be sorely missed.

Professional Career

Jack Root has been with our firm since 2014 and heads the compliance and financial crime practice in the UK. He manages an expansive network of professionals across various sectors such as banking, fund management, private equity firms and fintech.

He made his England Lions debut against Sri Lanka A at Scarborough in August 2011 and scored an outstanding 66, including back foot punches reminiscent of Atherton and Vaughan-like cover drives.

Some historians consider Root to have been the inaugural world light heavyweight champion. He earned this title when Lou Housman created it after realizing he wasn’t strong enough for heavyweight competition, yet too heavy for middleweights and too light to compete at middleweight levels. Root’s 1903 bout against George Gardner marked its inaugural championship fight; during that period, he engaged in 45 fights, winning 33 victories while losing only six.

Achievement and Honors

Root defeated Kid McCoy on April 22, 1903 and became world light heavyweight champion, but only held it for three months before losing it to George Gardiner.

After retiring from boxing, Root returned to school and earned another bachelor’s degree at New Mexico State University. Subsequently he worked for APS and its parent company Pinnacle West until his retirement in 2008.

Jack made it his mission throughout his long and eventful life to stand up for people and causes close to his heart, inspiring future generations with his incredible courage and generosity. His first gift to Schulich School of Business at York University marked an everlasting legacy.

Personal Life

Jack was an active member of his community, belonging to Rotary, Elks, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Kiwanis and American Legion organizations. Additionally he served six years as Grays Harbor Port Commissioner before moving on to his family business Root Paint in Grays Harbor’s downtown core.

Talented artist who was known to draw caricatures of anyone in town. He especially enjoyed drawing children, and became a hit at Valley Center Western Days and Halloween Carnival events. A loving husband and father, he prepared his children for whatever life might throw their way while remaining faithful friends to many who will remember fondly all that he taught. We shall miss him greatly.

Net Worth

Jack Root has amassed an estimated net worth of $30 Million through touring and merchandise sales, while Madison Beer boasts an estimated net worth of $3 Million thanks to their tours and YouTube channel.

Calculating one’s net worth involves subtracting their liabilities from their assets, with liabilities including credit card balances and fixed assets such as a house or retirement accounts/savings accounts as liabilities and fixed assets as assets/savings/retirement account balances as assets/liabilities respectively.

In the early 1970s, he launched his JMI Records label and quickly established itself as an important country music label, producing country legends like Charlie Rich, Roy Orbison, Doc Watson, Townes Van Zandt and Waylon Jennings – as well as co-writing and producing Johnny Cash’s iconic ballad Ballad of a Teenage Queen as recorded by JMI Records.

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