Jack Ray

Jack Ray

Jack Ray Oil began operations in 1975 with just two bobtail trucks. Since then they have expanded to two warehouses offering fuel, DEF, diesel lubricants and propane.

Jack Ray of the Bobcats understands his role, both on and off the field, is one that must be fulfilled for success to occur.

Early Life and Education

Jack Ray was an outdoors enthusiast who delighted in spending his free time exploring Montana. For decades he competed competitively as a swimmer in Montana Masters swimming meets, setting several records along the way. Additionally, he actively supported community organizations that promoted competitive youth swimming competition and wilderness education for children.

He was an avid reader and expert card player. He enjoyed reading books about history, biology, science as well as those with big ideas or philosophy themes. Furthermore, he took great pleasure in keeping up with current affairs such as stock markets.

He was a staunch proponent of conservation in the Great Salt Lake region, helping pass legislation protecting thousands of acres of wetlands for both waterfowl and humans alike. For his efforts he received University of Oregon’s Kerry Rydberg Public Interest Environmental Law Award. Furthermore, he visited China to teach judges and lawyers environmental law.

Professional Career

Jack Ray has served the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a civil engineer for more than three decades, best-known for his design of the Bendway Weirs which saved an estimated annual savings of $2 Million dollars due to reduced dredging costs and navigational delays on the Mississippi River.

In 2021, he joined TCU Horned Frogs’ pitching coach and defensive coordinator positions. Additionally, he serves as Kinesiology Undergraduate Program Coordinator at Sul Ross State University in Alpine Texas.

After graduating from East Central University, he played minor league professional baseball for Ada Herefords of the old Sooner State League. In Oklahoma he also taught basketball and baseball. Now living in Alpine with his wife Jennifer.

Achievement and Honors

Jack achieved many achievements. He became internationally renowned for his brokerage hatching egg business and established markets in 17 foreign countries. Additionally, Jack distinguished himself with service in the Army achieving Sergeant Major and serving battalions, brigades and divisions across three levels of command.

He was an enthusiastic conservationist who protected thousands of acres for waterfowl and people. Additionally, he was an accomplished master swimmer, holding more than a dozen Masters swimming records in Montana. Additionally, he taught at both University of Montana and Vermont Law School; his students recognized his passion for both the law and outdoors; teaching them how to align personal and professional pursuits.

Personal Life

Jack Ray is an energetic and dedicated conservationist in the Great Salt Lake region. He has become known for defending tens of thousands of acres of wetlands for waterfowl as well as people. Jack won a Ducks Unlimited Private Conservation Award and currently teaches Kinesiology undergraduate program coordinator at Sul Ross State University Alpine.

His hobbies include building hot rods, racing motorcycles with his son Fred and singing karaoke with the kids and grandkids. He also enjoys fishing and pool. Lastly, he has many nieces, nephews and great-nieces and nephews whom he keeps close.

Jack Ray lost his beloved Ruth to lung cancer in 2000 after 44 years of marriage, as she was his true love and soul mate. Jack has one sister and several brothers along with many close friends whom he considers family members.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Jack Ray estimated a net worth of approximately $10 Million. His primary source of income comes from acting fees charged for movies and TV shows; most recently in The Society released in 2019 as Tyler Kryger on Netflix’s Painkiller series.

He is also an entrepreneur who founded Raycon Global, an electronics company which manufactures innovative products like wireless earbuds – its success helping him expand his earnings significantly.

He has millions of fans around the world but stays out of public conversation regarding his personal life, such as dating anyone publicly at present or being active on social media – keeping his privacy intact while remaining focused on his work with no plans of retiring anytime soon.

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