Jack Nies

Jack Nies

Nilan was a retired NHL player and lawyer. He often appeared as a guest on Don Cherry Show.

He has an exceptional work ethic and was instrumental in saving Sanchez, taking down a criminal gang alongside Ellroy and Bailey, passing both his FTO exam and midpoint review board with flying colours.

Early Life and Education

Nilan was known for being an aggressive hockey enforcer. No matter the situation – on or off the ice – Nilan never gave up fighting back; whether that be using his fists to force opponents off the ice or clawing his way out of suffering; he always persevered until finally success arrived in his life.

Nilan now lectures extensively on bullying, encouraging students to intervene when they witness such acts of harm. He was particularly moved by Phoebe Prince’s suicide after years of being bullied at South Hadley High School in 2010.

Nilan was renowned for his aggressive, high-emotion style of enforcer play; however, this didn’t translate well off of the ice. Drugs and alcohol became his way of life eventually; once saying his life consisted of “booze, bills and painkillers”. Nilan now resides in Pullman, Washington where his life is filled with family – his wife Anna survives him along with their two children Judith and Gregory along with their spouses and grandchildren.

Professional Career

Professionally, Dr. Healy has published articles on barley genetics and trained students for Masters and PhD degrees. Additionally, he served on several corporate boards and provided consultancy on research projects before frequently lecturing on various subjects like the history and future of technology.

Nilan’s message resonated well among students. He encouraged them to become advocates for those in need and pointed to Phoebe Prince, an 11-year old girl who took her own life after being bullied, as an example.

Nilan was well-versed in facing off against larger opponents as an enforcer for the Bruins. To make himself harder to hit during fights, he would press his head against their chest with his fists during fights – this strategy resulted in 3,043 penalty minutes over his NHL career.

Achievement and Honors

Emily has relied heavily on Aiden for support with her plan of revenge against Conrad. He brought both Porter brothers to Memorial Day festivities and recorded their fight so she could send it directly to him; additionally he helped record video for Jack of her discussing him with Margaux; in addition he has helped hack into hospital system without her knowledge and assisted Aiden with his plans without her knowledge.

Nilan published two books and more than 100 scientific research articles during his time at Washington State University (WSU). Additionally, he taught courses and received the Distinguished Professorship of Barley Genetics which was established in his name. A celebration was held at Ensminger Pavilion for him on WSU campus.

Personal Life

Nilan’s memoir Fighting Back captures perfectly his life story: never giving up his fight to survive and save himself from despair and pain.

This show examines his post-hockey battles against alcohol and drugs – something far harder than any of the 251 NHL bouts he’s fought in his entire life.

At home, he speaks at schools around the country to encourage students to defend against bullying. Additionally, he supports the ALS Association and Oregon Ducks; lives with Jaime Holtz in Montreal with their son; enjoys scuba diving and surfing; as a construction worker dislocated his fingers but was quick at repositioning them back into place again.

Net Worth

According to Forbes, Wikipedia & other online resources, Jack Nies is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. He amassed this fortune as an accomplished Athlete.

Nilan earned a reputation as a tough guy on the ice, enjoying rough corner play and dropping gloves to battle opponents. Unfortunately, off of it his physical injuries combined with growing addictions took their toll, leading him down an often deadly path that eventually culminated with him overdosing on heroin after drinking and taking pills such as OxyContin – eventually landing him in a hotel room attempting suicide. Now sober and clean of alcohol and drugs alike he now hosts an afternoon sports radio show in Montreal while also speaking out against alcohol abuse as well as bullying against young people about alcohol/drugs/bullying as well as charitable causes & military support initiatives while living in Dorval Quebec together with his partner.

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