Jack Menashe

Jack Menashe

Menashe has successfully handled death-penalty cases throughout her 20 years as a criminal defense attorney, but none caused more outrage than when she represented Brian Golsby on charges of kidnapping, raping and murdering 21-year-old Reagan Tokes.

She made it her goal to protect his life as she vowed. And she succeeded!

Early Life and Education

Jack Menashe is an agent with an eclectic artistic background. Among others, his specialties include advertising, fashion design, wearable art projects and graphic design – in addition to being a professional head-shot photographer and music video producer.

Born and residing on the Lower East Side, he remains passionate about this neighborhood and dedicated to helping his clients find their perfect home.

Case involved a felon convicted of felonious activity who claimed that their actions were justified. She believes it is crucial for all accused criminals to have access to fair trials, representing approximately 30 death-penalty defendants such as one who killed Columbus police officer Bryan Hurst during bank robbery.

Professional Career

Tulane law school student Alexandra Sheard gained invaluable firsthand experience by volunteering for a death penalty case during her third year, an experience which taught her empathy. Today, this focus drives much of her work when asking jurors to spare defendants accused of horrific crimes from death penalty trials.

Menashe was recently involved in two high-profile cases: Brian Golsby was charged with raping and killing 21-year-old Ohio State University student Reagan Tokes; Quentin Smith is suspected in the deaths of Westerville police officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli after responding to domestic violence calls; each case presented its own unique set of challenges for Menashe and her co-counsel.

She’s dedicated to striking a more sustainable work-life balance and considers teamwork a cornerstone of her practice. When not working, she enjoys rowing on an indoor rowing machine at her gym in her free time.

Achievement and Honors

Menashe was honored with the inaugural Neglected Masters Award and his works have been republished as part of the Library of America’s American Poets Project series. Christopher Ricks, Warren Professor of Humanities and co-director of Boston University’s Editorial Institute introduced New and Selected Poems by Menashe.

Since 1955, he has been developing single family, multi-family, and land investments in Portland. Additionally, he enjoys running and tennis; is an avid collector of art and music; as well as an active runner.

Menashe Design prides themselves in utilizing cutting-edge design techniques when working with cooperative and condominium boards, DOB permits, landmarks and construction. Their highly trained team works diligently to produce timeless yet modern homes and retail spaces which stand the test of time – thus earning numerous awards and commendations from across industries for their impeccable design and execution.

Personal Life

Menashe has long been an avid sports fisherman. He spends much of his time on the Sea of Cortez fishing for roosterfish – an elusive Pacific Ocean trophy fish famed for its feathery dorsal fins – donating many of his catch to local auctions and is a member of Seattle Lutheran Church with four grown children including three sons and one daughter.

She says she developed a thick skin while representing death-penalty cases involving violent crimes, yet continues to receive angry emails and phone calls since beginning Husel’s defense. Grilling 53 witnesses for prosecution was necessary part of her job and effective. But some opponents called it “nitpicking,” something which didn’t bother her at all.

Net Worth

Mr. Li is an avid collector of vintage watches and rare automobiles; his estimated net worth is believed to be approximately $5 Million.

He has four children – two sons and a daughter–and twelve grandchildren. He loves traveling with his family and being involved with local community auctions and events by making donations.

He owns Sartoria Studio, a made-to-measure clothing store for men that allows them to connect with stylists and tailors who can assist them in discovering their personal style. This store offers both tailored pieces such as personalized sweaters and pique polo shirts as well as ready-to-wear pieces with an urban stylish perspective – in the future he plans on expanding this line with jeans as well.

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