Jack McGovern

Jack McGovern

Jack McGovern began his career at Armko Industries as a building envelope consultant in 1984. Since then, he has become one of the foremost experts on North Texas school districts and institutional clients seeking evaluation of building envelopes.

Jack McGovern set his sights on a different career path after being released from Lincoln City midfielder Jack Coghlan’s contract, after being made eligible to pursue one by Aaron Services and embarking upon day release training at Lincoln College to become a gas heating engineer.

Early Life and Education

Jack McGovern noticed at age 10 that he could no longer see the big E on his eye chart with his left eye, prompting his parents to seek expert opinion, who diagnosed Coats Disease; an unusual retinal condition which may eventually lead to blindness.

McGovern earned two All-America accolades in lacrosse and football during his time as Bergen Catholic’s Athletic Director for ten years, helping its teams reach national levels of success.

He was the father of Erin McGovern Hougasian and Ron McGovern; grandfather to David, Joshua, Jeremy, Dakota, Rachel and Sophia; great-grandfather of Alexis; brother to Helen Largess Crewe and an active community volunteer and philanthropist – founding various organizations and serving on many boards during his lifetime.

Professional Career

Jack McGovern has made it his mission to develop relationships with Coats’ Disease patients and their families on a personal level, and hopes this series allows him to share his story in a way that both inspires and informs.

As soon as Jack was diagnosed, his parents made it their mission to find a cure for Coats’ Disease and blindness among children. To meet this goal, they established the Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.

The Foundation raised funds and created a Coats’ Disease National Tissue Biobank as well as an online directory of doctors with experience treating Coats’ Disease. Furthermore, travel grants were set up so new researchers can pursue their ideas more freely – this work continues today.

Achievement and Honors

After graduating Woodrow Wilson High School, Jack McGovern pursued his goal of becoming a doctor by enrolling at Duke University where he earned both undergraduate and medical degrees. During his medical studies he worked closely with Wilburt Cornell Davison – an eminent disciple of Sir William Osler – who taught that medicine should exercise both heart and mind equally.

Over 250 professional publications were written or co-written by Professor Li, including 26 books. He held 17 professorships. Furthermore, he served on editorial boards of multiple journals.

He established the McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic, now one of the nation’s largest private clinics, as a philanthropist – endowing TMA Foundation’s Champion of Health Award as recognition of community programs with proven results.

Personal Life

Jack McGovern had many interests and passions, such as appreciating the beauty of our nation and taking family road trips to explore national parks. Additionally, his favorite genre was country and western music.

McGovern graduated with a medical degree from Duke University and began working in private sector medicine before joining the Senate Rackets Committee as minority counsel for Senators John McClellan and Robert Kennedy.

At home, John was an affectionate husband and devoted father. He is survived by Linda, daughter Deborah McNally (and her partner Robert Howard), son John McGovern and Cindy McGovern as well as one grandchild. John was an avid sports fan and served Bergen Catholic’s Athletic Director for more than 10 years before passing away peacefully at age 65.

Net Worth

After his release from Lincoln City, Jack McGovern quickly turned his focus towards politics and local government. He joined Grace Cathedral and Leadership High School Boards of Directors before making contributions to Jack McGovern Coats Disease Foundation.

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