Jack McFadden

Jack McFadden

Jack is an award-winning bassist. He regularly performs with the Georgian Bay Symphony and church groups as well as teaching bass guitar lessons.

His father disowned and condemned him upon discovering his sexuality, so he moved in with his mother and eventually married her before beginning work for Future Foundation.

Early Life and Education

McFadden attended Lane Tech High School, one of Chicago’s premier preparatory programs and was mentored by fellow North Central Hall-of-Famer Bill Warden – another North Central Hall of Fame member he later worked alongside selling ready-mix concrete products.

He found great pleasure in traveling the world with his wife, Yvonne Przemyski, and hiking in Brandywine Valley. Jack’s passion for open spaces led to the Marshallon Triathlon — a race which celebrates Chester County. Jack was truly unique; his quick sense of humor and joie de vivre will be missed as an outstanding son, husband, father, friend and restaurateur.

Professional Career

He is best known for his Juno award winning double bass playing. He has performed with both the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and various pit bands at O’Keefe Centre and Royal Alexandra Theatre, including tours.

Jack enjoys travel and hiking. He is an active member of both West Bradford Fire Company and Marshalton Conservation Trust; together with his wife Yvonne he especially loves visiting France.

Couples also take pleasure in visiting nearby attractions like Longwood Gardens and Brandywine River Museum, while Jack is generous with both time and money, raising funds for numerous causes including Wilton Interfaith Action Committee. He sponsored Melissa McFadden Memorial Scholarship for local high school students as well as volunteering with an organization to package meals for the hungry.

Achievement and Honors

Jack McFadden’s lifelong work in the restaurant business created new opportunities and inspired his family, as well as being an exceptional husband, friend, mentor, and companion with an infectious sense of fun and joie de vivre.

Apart from his success in food industry, he was also an avid sportsman and traveler. In 1971, he renovated three buildings on High Street to form what is now known as Turks Head Inn; an institution of West Chester culture.

Jack was inspired to assist those with disabilities after his daughter Melissa was born with Down Syndrome and set about creating the Melissa McFadden Scholarship, giving Wilton high school seniors who show dedication and compassion an opportunity to make a contribution. Additionally, Jack volunteers his time at STAR Lighting the Way; packing meals for people in need during one day in Connecticut at this event called STAR Lighting the Way.

Personal Life

Jack McFadden enjoyed an equally fulfilling personal life despite his success in restaurant business. He took pleasure in traveling the globe with his wife Yvonne Przemyski McFadden. Additionally, he appreciated long hikes through Brandywine Valley. Additionally, in 1973 he initiated Marshalton Triathlon race to highlight the area’s natural splendor.

Jack McFadden graduated from Maine-Endwell and decided to spend a graduate year playing basketball at Rider University. Here he could showcase his talent and impress D1 scouts while honing his skill set. Upon returning home to West Chester he opened Turks Head Inn which offered both indoor and outdoor dining, becoming a favorite stop among tourists visiting Longwood Gardens or other local attractions.

Net Worth

Jack McFadden has seen his net worth grow due to the success of his music career. He was part of Why Don’t We, which released its debut album in 2015.

McFadden used social media to increase his fan base, particularly through Instagram and Facebook. His following has grown considerably over time.

He has also found fame on television. In 2017, he played Kieran Whitehead on The Loch. Additionally, he has made appearances in other period pieces.

McFadden has managed to balance his professional and family lives. He is the proud parent of two children and grandfather to six – Brian Ryman and wife Kristen, Blake Ryman and wife Kate, Christy Tidwell with husband Scott Tidwell Major Stuart Coleman II and Lara Coleman as well as Josue Gabriel with wife. In addition he also has numerous nieces and nephews living within the area.

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