Jack Kibblehouse

Jack Kibblehouse, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of H&K Group, Inc.

H&K Group, Inc (H&K) is one of the largest and most successful privately owned heavy civil contracting and construction materials companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. John R. “Jack” Kibblehouse – co-Founder and Co-Chairman of H&K’s Board – passed away November 2, 2022.

Early Life and Education

Kibblehouse was an extraordinary gentleman. Cherished and revered by all for his steady business focus, soothing demeanor, and unrivaled work ethic he brought H&K Group’s success today. As family man he pursued excellence tirelessly; H&K Group remains successful to this day thanks to this relentless drive for perfection he set.

He co-founded H&K Group with childhood friend John B. Haines IV and partners Harry Budenz and Lee Detwiler in 1968 and served as co-chairman of its board until 1968, serving as its co-chairman and setting its direction during this time. A true visionary, his legacy will live on for many years to come.

Professional Career

John R. “Jack” Kibblehouse was an inspiration to family, friends and industry alike in The Mid-Atlantic Region. A visionary with strong business goals in 1968 when he joined John B. Haines IV (also his childhood friend and partner), Lee Detwiler and Harry Budenz to form Haines & Kibblehouse Corporation; serving as its guiding force over its half century journey of expansion and growth – John passed away peacefully at home in Skippack Township Pennsylvania in November 2022, with his family by his side – H&K stands proud as part of his legacy!

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Achievement and Honors

Jack Kibblehouse was an enthusiastic outdoorsman and sportsman who greatly valued spending time with family. Additionally, he was widely esteemed as a businessperson, friend, and industry icon who left an indelible mark on H&K Group Inc. partnership companies, affiliate operations, construction industry operations and the Mid-Atlantic Region during his five-plus decades of service with H&K Group Inc.

Kibblehouse joined forces with John B. Haines IV and three business partners – Harry Budenz, Lee Detwiler and Terry Koch – to form Haines & Kibblehouse Inc in 1968. Within months, they quickly emerged as an industry leader for site development, demolition, paving, infrastructure work and infrastructure reconstruction throughout Philadelphia’s metropolitan region.

Jack was appointed Co-Chairman of the Board by Haines until his passing early 2022.

Personal Life

John Raymond Kibblehouse, commonly known by his nickname of Jack, passed away peacefully at home in Skippack Township, Pennsylvania on November 2, 2022, aged 84 years.

Jack Haines IV’s business acumen, leadership skills and entrepreneurial vision were at the core of H&K Group Inc (H&K). Beginning as a small excavation business on his parent’s farm in Worcester, PA, Jack built it into an international success with perseverance, honesty and hard work.

In 1968, Jack joined forces with childhood friend John B. Haines IV and partners Terry Koch, Harry Budenz and Lee Detwiler to establish the business we know today. Renowned for his firm business focus and relaxed mannerism, Jack successfully guided, directed and mentored this corporation for 50+ years.

Net Worth

Jack Kibblehouse was known for his strong business focus and calm demeanor, setting out the foundation of Haines & Kibblehouse back in 1957 with the formation of Haines & Koch with partner Terry Koch (deceased). Soon thereafter he joined forces with childhood friend John B. Haines IV, Harry Budenz and Lee Detwiler to form Haines & Kibblehouse Inc in 1968 – 54 years of his persona, leadership skills and passion would help enable impressive growth at one of the region’s finest family-owned companies; until illness forced him out as Co-Chairman until November 2, 2022 in Skippack Township PA where he passed away peacefully at resting place of course 2022 he died peacefully at Skippack Township PA on November 2, 2022 he passed away peacefully on November 2, 2022 in Skippack Township PA on November 2, 2022.

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