Jack Hennies

Jack Hennies Passes Away on January 22, 2022

Jack Hennies passed away peacefully on January 22, 2022 and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends at this difficult time.

Hennies played for various teams such as Columbia and Hufton before managing teams at Claremont and Langford. Under his guidance, young Claremont team made history when it advanced all the way into State Tournament alongside older town team – something never done in previous tourneys!

Early Life and Education

Jack Hennies enjoyed great success early in his life as a baseball player, serving as star second baseman for Choteau Creek and Wagner teams in southeast South Dakota as well as representing South Dakota State team. For Hennies, baseball remained his true love; it overshadowed all other sports.

Hennies was raised by his parents to appreciate hard work. They also instilled independence and goal setting into him. After attending high school at Tyndall, Hennies attended college at Wagner.

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Professional Career

Hennies is an independent dentist who owns his own practice in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. He holds memberships with both the American Dental Association and Minnesota Dental Society; has served on their boards; given presentations at both institutions; actively volunteers at Give Kids A Smile Day events at Central Lakes College; as well as on Pequot Lakes Library Board committees.

Hennies was an avid skier who thoroughly enjoyed exploring Mount Ski Gull’s trails. Additionally, he enjoyed jumping at Jack’s Jump with friends. Unfortunately, Hennies passed away on January 22, 2022.

Personal Life

Jack Hennies was an extraordinary person, greatly loved by all. A passionate baseball player, umpire and league officer. With an infectious laugh and always bearing a beaming grin – Jack will be sorely missed on the diamond and at Mount Ski Gull Terrain Park.

Karen Powell (Diane Lane) gives birth to Jack, an unusual child who ages four times faster due to Werner Syndrome – a form of progeria. As Jack grows up he initially seems withdrawn and lonely but eventually develops an extraordinary talent for reading people’s emotions which draws them in and is drawn into four best friend’s lives. Although most other kids shun him because he appears old for his age he eventually attends school where Lawrence Woodruff encourages him to mix with other students.

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