Jack Haddad

Jack Haddad – A Celebrity

Jack Haddad, CEO of Haddad International Transport in the Transportation Services industry. With more than 14 years of experience working in this sector.

He is also a Lebanese Rock performer, fronting multiple bands and writing musical scores for short movies. In 2016, he founded JHGuitarSchool as an academy in Lebanon.

Early Life and Education

Jack Haddad was an exceptionally gifted individual, possessing many talents across multiple areas. His early love of music and the guitar was evident due to growing up in an environment heavily influenced by Western culture and reflecting in his musical style.

He began his professional career in 2011 by performing at various local events and venues, in addition to participating in multiple charity concerts and CSR projects.

In 2016, he opened JHGuitarSchool – a guitar academy in Lebanon offering lessons and workshops to students from across Lebanon – which serves both beginners and more experienced guitarists alike. Since then he has fronted various bands and participated in musical projects; live performances remain his main interest though as they allow him to connect with audiences directly while sharing emotions together with them.

Professional Career

Jack Haddad boasts an extensive professional history, having held various roles and companies. At present he works for American Fruits and Flavors – an estimated Food & Beverage industry firm employing 110 people – as part of their Sourcing/ Procurement team and management level team.

Haddad International Transport, a Freight & Logistics Services provider in the US, where he has served as Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer since 2004 is another of his endeavors.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Accountancy and Finance from Applied Science University and attended National Orthodox School from 1990-2001. Since 2005 he has worked as an accountant at Talal Abu Ghazaleh, then at YONETEK Technology until 2013. Since 2013 he has been at ZADD BPO working as an Accountant.

Achievement and Honors

Jack has worked hard throughout his life to achieve numerous accomplishments and has received accolades from several prestigious universities for his efforts. Many people have taken an admiring interest in him, becoming role models to younger generations.

In 2015, he created Lebanon’s inaugural Freddie Mercury Tribute Show which became highly acclaimed. Additionally, he performed at various clubs and stages across Lebanon.

In 2016, Jack established JHGuitarSchool to offer guitar lessons to aspiring guitarists in Lebanon. Since then, it has proven extremely popular, drawing many students. Furthermore, Jack has organized events at JHGuitarSchool that raise money for charities in Lebanon while hosting fundraisers himself to raise awareness. Jack has performed at multiple fundraising concerts and CSR activities and become an essential member of Lebanon’s music scene.

Personal Life

Jack Haddad is an hardworking and dedicated individual, dedicating most of his time and efforts towards working for his company while rarely getting any sleep. Ambitious in nature, he strives to achieve all he is capable of while enjoying spending free time with family members.

Jack has taken part in several charitable events and concerts over time, such as “Unite for Ashrafieh” in 2012. Furthermore, his music has helped promote his home country of Lebanon.

Jack is an all-round musician with a diverse mix of cultural influences that has shaped both his personality and musical style. Born to Lebanese parents and raised in a Western environment, his Lebanese heritage and Western upbringing have each shaped him in unique ways, shaping both his personality and musical style. Jack loves performing live on stage as it allows him to connect with his audience while sharing his passion for music with them.

Net Worth

Jack Haddad has become an internationally acclaimed celebrity. Through hard work, he has achieved worldwide recognition for his work, garnering followers across the world who admire him as well as serving as role models to others and helping them attain their personal goals.

As well as being a percussionist, he has received multiple awards for his performances. His passion for music can be found throughout various countries he studied it in. With years of experience under his belt and having amassed an ample sum in earnings – this individual stands as an outstanding testament of financial gain!

He lives with Jane Shaw, also an entrepreneur. They have three children together. Additionally, he serves as a member of Regent Resources’ board.

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