Jack Futcher

Jack Futcher, President and Chief Operating Officer, Bechtel

Bechtel Group Inc, which specializes in engineering, construction and project management projects across 160 countries has completed over 25,000 projects with Jack Futcher serving as president and COO on many.

Bechtel appointed him to lead its oil, gas and chemicals business unit after previously leading its global procurement and contracts organization for six years; overseeing $30 billion worth of equipment and materials during that time.

Early Life and Education

Jack Futcher will retire after four decades at US LNG engineering firm Bechtel in 2020, serving both as vice chairman until then and then becoming a non-executive director on their board. Craig Albert currently heads up Bechtel’s Infrastructure business unit will assume his former post as group President/Chief Operating Officer.

Futcher serves on both Bechtel’s operating committee and board of directors, in addition to various committees and task forces affiliated with both the Nuclear Energy Institute and United States Energy Association.

Futcher made great strides as Executive Secretary of the American Board of Internal Medicine during his time there, helping it grow from its original configuration (12-16 governors) into what it is today by adding six subspecialty certificates and hiring professional staff.

Professional Career

Engineering and construction giant Bechtel boasts of having completed over 26,000 projects in 160 countries spanning seven continents, and Jack Futcher was an integral part of many of them as president and COO of Bechtel. Now he serves as company President/COO.

He currently oversees four global business units at the corporation and serves on its operating committee; additionally he sits on its Board of Directors.

He previously served as Director for Bechtel’s Oil, Gas and Chemicals (OG&C) Downstream business line since 1998 when he joined the firm and held various management and leadership roles within that business line.

Most recently, he oversaw Bechtel’s Power Global Business Unit which included fossil, nuclear and renewable energies. Additionally, he served as executive sponsor for Bechtel’s Frederick Maryland office complex as well as their New Delhi and Cairo locations.

Achievement and Honors

Futcher has earned several honors and awards throughout his career, most recently receiving the Jack Berman Award of Achievement for his efforts protecting prisoners’ rights and disabled people’s entitlements, both personally and through Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld law firm.

Emory University Alumni Award for Professional Excellence. In addition to his work at Bechtel, he serves on various committees and task forces with the United States Energy Association Board of Directors as well as committees within their organization.

Futcher and Bechtel became the first US corporate leader ever to receive Transparency International’s Corporate Leadership Award in 2015.

Personal Life

Futcher, who lives and is a member at The Woodlands’ Club at Carlton Woods, exudes an attitude of perseverance that makes any goal seem within her reach. That determination helped her get onto the LPGA tour – it will likely also enable her to win majors!

Jack Futcher has extensive experience working on LNG projects with Bechtel, including serving as project director for their Oil, Gas and Chemicals downstream business line where he lived on site during execution. Additionally, for six years he led their global Procurement and Contracts organization.

Futcher will leave Bechtel at the end of 2020 but will continue as vice chairman and non-executive director on its board. Craig Albert will then assume his former positions of president and COO.

Net Worth

Engineering, construction and project management firm Bechtel boasts of having completed over 25,000 projects across 160 countries; Jack Futcher was part of several during his career with Bechtel.

Futcher currently leads Bechtel’s Power Global Business Unit (GBU), a group which spans activities related to fossil, nuclear and renewable power generation. He chairs its Operating Committee as well as sitting on its board of directors.

Futcher previously served as President of Bechtel’s Oil, Gas & Chemicals (OG&C) downstream business line, overseeing operations and performance. In addition, he oversaw a multibillion-dollar LNG project in Egypt as Project Director as well as leading its Global Procurement & Contracts Organization for six years while procuring over $30 billion worth of equipment and materials.

Futcher will retire from Bechtel at the end of 2020 after four decades on its board as vice chairman and non-executive director. Until that point, he will serve in this capacity until becoming non-executive director.

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