Jack Forney

Jack Forney

Jack Forney passed away recently and family and friends of his are encouraged to express their sympathy in his memory. Please leave your messages of condolence in this thread.

He and his wife spent many hours gathering, assembling, and maintaining an expansive collection of cars, trucks, bicycles, trains and airplanes which eventually led them to establish the Forney Museum of Transportation.

He is survived by Marian “Joey” Vorgang-Forney, their two children Sean Forney and Caelan Taskey, three grandchildren – Sakura, Nozomi and Yoshihiro as well as brother Jim Forney and sister Patricia Schanz.

Early Life and Education

JD Forney was an admirable and hardworking American. Growing up on his Uncle’s farm taught him the value of hard work. This ethic was instilled into both his children and grandchildren by him.

Once he arrived in Denver, he became part of a planning committee to bring a Billy Graham crusade to Denver and met Jerry Von Froehlic who was developing one of the country’s first giant malls, Cinderella City. Von Froehlic offered space for the museum within Cinderella City for rent in exchange for advertising space.

JD and Rae dedicated themselves tirelessly to their museum over time, taking on projects and collecting from lawn mowing to cleaning bathrooms.

Professional Career

Jack Forney is an accomplished engineer with more than ten years of manufacturing experience, most recently at Pacific Ceramics Inc where he manufactured magnetic/dielectric microwave ceramic materials crafted from rare earth metals. Additionally, he developed and fabricated custom tooling in machine shop settings. Furthermore, Jack holds his Certified SolidWorks Professional certification.

He joined the York Revolution in 2023, returning to where his 10-year playing career started. Now serving as its pitching coach, he brings strong connections with Baltimore Orioles.

He has achieved great success as manager of the Goldeyes, including leading them to three consecutive American Association championships while breaking franchise records for wins, strikeouts and games started during each season he managed them. From 2004-2005 he also led one of the premier offensive lines in NFL.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Forney prioritized family above all else in his life and was committed to giving back. For instance, he served on the board of Front Range Community College, providing money and products to train welding professionals. Furthermore, his hobbies included golf, skiing and woodworking – passions that Jack could always find time for.

At the American Cricket Congress Office (ACC Office), Forney became friends with Associate Commissioner Tom Mickle and Jill Mixon-Mickle; both assisted him later with his horse racing career.

He was also an active member of Thoroughbred Owners of California and served on its Racing Affairs, Wagering, Purse, and Bylaws Review Committees. Additionally, he worked as an intern in Greensboro at ACC offices. A passionate fan of Clemson football, he had great respect for its history and traditions.

Personal Life

In 1863 he took part in the Siege of Vicksburg. He led two brigades under Brigadier Generals Louis Hebert and John C. Pemberton of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi troops under his command.

In 1955 he relocated the manufacturing plant from Ohio to Fort Collins and established Forney Industries – now known as Forney Museum of Transportation. Additionally, this company manufactures welding products, abrasives, battery chargers, training films, and other industrial goods.

Novalee finds herself pregnant again, and Willy Jack suddenly abandons her, taking off to California where he claims his cousin in Bakersfield will give him money for a guitar. Later he loses both legs when drunkenly being hit by a train at a train yard; Novalee later discovers this tragedy while visiting him at hospital.

Net Worth

Jack Forney reportedly has an estimated net worth of USD. He is best known for his role as Jack on General Hospital TV series, though he also sings, performs in musicals, wins many acting awards, and is considered an expert in his field.

He currently works as a consultant for Centurion Real Estate Partners.

Boston University graduate. Married to Novalee with two children. Has been actively working in the industry for four years.

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