Jack Edson

Jack Edson

Jack Edson was a widely popular Western author from East Coast origins who paid meticulous attention to historical accuracy in all his writing.

He loved fishing for walleyes in Minnesota, peach pie and motorhomes – as well as big band music and Rummikub. Additionally, he was known to serve on boards such as Chamber of Commerce and Farm ‘n Feather Festival boards.

Early Life and Education

Jack was known for his integrity, being quiet yet often speaking little. He took great pride in his family, country and business – particularly his perfect penmanship – as well as traveling abroad on vacations and taking great delight in writing beautifully for each.

Edson’s quilt and collage versions of two iconic portraits by Seurat and Vermeer — one featuring their self-portrait while the other is of mother and child — make subtle references to pointillism – the dot painting technique Seurat created and practiced. Both employ regular quilt blocks for the backgrounds but transition into oversize irregular blocks around their heads and shoulders areas of these portraits.

He and June were active participants in numerous civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Farm n Feather Festival Chairmanship, Kiwanis and Boy Scouts; additionally they founded Business and Industry Appreciation Day and enjoyed spending time at their Silver Lake cabin with family and friends.

Professional Career

At around age 10, Jack submitted a drawing to a magazine looking for emerging artists and his passion for art was ignited that day. Although he didn’t win anything that day, however.

He later held positions as both a newspaper reporter and an editor at various magazines and books, eventually becoming managing editor for The Old Farmer’s Almanac as well as its associated products like Garden Guide and Almanac for Kids.

He was an enthusiastic rock collector and created beautiful jewelry from cabochon and faceted stones he discovered, fishing for walleyes in Minnesota, peach pie and his beloved pet Luke were his favourite treats. Additionally, he could fix anything, multiply three digit numbers mentally in his head, beat anyone at Rummikub and always had an optimistic view on life.

Achievement and Honors

Jack was extremely active in community affairs throughout his lifetime. He served on numerous boards such as the Chamber of Commerce, Farm ‘n’ Feather Fest chairperson, Kiwanis, as well as traveling, camping, fishing and attending class reunions.

He has participated in multiple international initiatives pertaining to Standardisation, Humanitarian activities and Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, he has published extensively in high-ranking journals and conferences.

Jack Edson leaves behind his wife Marjorie of Longmont; sons Jack Edson from Longmont and Jeff Edson from Henderson; grandchildren Scott and Jaime as well as great-grandchild Eric who predeceased him. A memorial service will take place Saturday September 11th at 2 pm at Kenan Arts Center Lockport to honor Jack. We wish to express our thanks and gratitude for all the kind messages received in regards to his passing.

Personal Life

Jack Edson enjoyed fishing for walleyes in Minnesota, peach pie, motor homes and the smell of diesel fuel. He enjoyed all types of sports and excelled at multiplication. Additionally, he enjoyed gardening, reading, traveling and spending time with his beloved pet dog.

He was an active member of the Church of Christ and co-founder of Edson Express truck line in Longmont. Additionally, he served on the boards of directors of both Longmont National Bank and Burchfield Penney Art Center.

His work at the museum includes two quilts inspired by paintings by Seurat-a self portrait and portrait of his mother-that feature ironic references to pointillism (dot painting technique Seurat invented and practiced). For the portrait piece, an otherwise regular array of quilt blocks morphs into irregular swatches in areas around their shoulders and backside of figure’s shoulders and torso back area – creating an interesting effect.

Net Worth

Starting out by selling second-hand boats, Edson went on to found Bayliner Marine Corp. and build affordable plywood motorboats. Soon thereafter he made waves within the industry before selling Bayliner Marine Corp. to Brunswick Corporation for $425 Million.

Edson was an adept businessman due to his talent at creating value through innovation and cutting costs. He successfully established his company as a brand, improved boat quality with research and development efforts and kept prices low by manufacturing all parts in house.

He also owned shopping malls, motorcycle dealerships and an advertising agency. Additionally, he was an extremely generous philanthropist who donated millions of dollars to cultural and educational institutions. Furthermore, he enjoyed piloting his 164-foot yacht.

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