Jack Druga

Jack Druga

Jack Druga hails from Pittsburgh and began caddying at Oakmont Country Club under Lew Worsham – who won the 1947 US Open there – learning his trade under his instruction.

Druga now promotes youth caddying as the Western Golf Association PGA ambassador and vice president of development for Evans Scholars Foundation.

Early Life and Education

Druga was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since 2007 he has served as head pro of Shinnecock Hills while also being on the Western Golf Association board and being an Evans Scholar. Druga’s connection to this program started when he suggested his nephew J.T. Surlis begin caddying as an ninth grader before encouraging him to apply as an Evans Scholar – upon which Surlis received full scholarship to Northwestern University that covers tuition, room, and board costs!

Professional Career

Jack Druga has been an accomplished golfer for more than three decades, winning several accolades along the way, such as the 2023 Bill Strausbaugh Award from Metropolitan PGA Section and being chosen as Evans Scholars Foundation Ambassador. Additionally, he once caddied for Tiger Woods while currently working as the Head Pro of Shinnecock Hills.

Pittsburgh native Druga began as a caddie at Oakmont Country Club to make some extra spending money and was mentored by Lew Worsham, winner of the 1947 US Open at Oakmont. When his nephew J.T. Surlis became an Evans Scholarship recipient, Druga decided to get involved with the program; recruiting kids through high school principals, overseeing training, liaising with top courses and recruiting new scholars by 2030 from 44 now!

Achievement and Honors

Jack Druga has received numerous honors throughout his career. He is a PGA Life Member and was awarded the 2023 Metropolitan PGA Section Bill Strausbaugh Award, honoring those PGA Professionals that display exemplary character, integrity and leadership throughout their careers. Additionally, Jack has served as mentor to Assistant PGA Professionals looking to advance to Head PGA Professional positions and actively supported Evans Scholars Foundation by serving on its Board and Development Committee for over 25 years – currently acting as PGA Professional at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club located near Southampton New York.

Personal Life

Druga, who began his PGA membership in 1981 after growing up in Pittsburgh and starting his career at Oakmont Country Club, later worked at both Creek Club in New York and Country Club of Fairfield in Connecticut before taking over as head professional at Shinnecock Hills in New York. Additionally he served on Metropolitan PGA’s Board of Directors and as its Merchandiser of the Year for Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.

Since his retirement last year, he has taken on the roles of Western Golf Association vice president of development and PGA ambassador. Additionally, he serves as recruiter/trainer at Evans Scholars Foundation’s expansion youth caddie programs across America; already helping double scholar enrollment at Rutgers, Penn State and other universities. Furthermore, his TikTok videos frequently include lip-syncing dance clips or short tumbling videos for entertainment purposes.

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