Jack Custom

Jack Custom

Jack Custom is an extraordinary musician with an insatiable passion for rare and vintage guitars, known for taking them to their limits and customizing them himself.

One of his signature masterpieces is the Icky Thump Gretsch guitar, equipped with a Bigsby tremolo and three pickups.

Early Life and Education

Jack was raised in a working-class family, with strong extended ties that fostered identity through community. His faith tradition inspired his activism and drove his vocation in seminary classrooms, doctoral mentorships and curriculum work.

Jack utilized his status to highlight the work of young scholars throughout his career. He founded Horizons in Christian Religious Education series and served various leadership roles within REA/APPRE, including being President.

His deep love for religious and Christian education was evident in all that he did, whether in the seminary classroom, at denominational events for congregational leaders, or shaping its curriculum. His keen observation of history informed his research, while helping the field understand that different approaches can share an operative theology.

Professional Career

Jack Custom has extensive professional experience in history and theater; serving as an interpreter at one of America’s oldest living historical sites and serving with one of Charleston’s oldest theatre companies: Footlight Players on Queen Street.

He also works for Island Custom Remodeling, performing resort repairs and remodels, while helping people go solar through Southern Current.

Jack Custom serves as manager at his restaurant location, overseeing several workstations. His efforts in maintaining an effective team at his workplace are well rewarded; additionally he demonstrates a deep awareness of food quality and safety as an integral component to their work environment. In turn, this makes him an outstanding role model who leads employees by example.

Personal Life

Jack was an individual of deep faith who lived by his beliefs. In fact, he went all the way to Supreme Court to defend his right to use his business to express religious convictions.

He never let anything bring him down and would always do his best to put a smile on everyone around him. One of his greatest pleasures was taking things apart and reassembling them; his incredible work ethic saw him build numerous homes in Hingham.

His passion was boating and boating adventures on Door County lakes; these were often shared with friends and family members as cherished memories were passed along. Additionally, he loved participating in community events for those dealing with grief, especially events benefiting local charities.

Net Worth

Jack White has amassed an estimated net worth of over $10 billion through being the founder and CEO of Nature’s Bounty, an organization producing nutritional supplements and healthy foods. He demonstrates a strong work ethic while never fearing taking risks with his business venture.

He is also an avid car collector, boasting an array of luxurious vehicles in his collection that includes an ultrafast Lamborghini Performante Urus capable of reaching 62mph in just 3.2 seconds and an understated but luxurious Mercedes C-Class sedan with plenty of luxury features.

New Jack takes great joy in spending time with his family and friends, engaging in hobbies such as painting, drawing and photography as well as participating in several charitable causes. New Jack possesses a strong sense of community engagement with a passion for social activism.

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