Jack Coe

Jack Coe – A Man of Passions

Coe passionately believed in and preached divine healing, and claimed to have successfully treated many attendees at his revivals.

He advocated strongly for interracial meetings; however, his methods were often considered offensive; Coe would hit, slap and pull on people to gain their attention.

Coe was arrested in Florida in February 1956 for practicing medicine without a valid license, drawing national attention to his cause and healing movement.

Early Life and Education

Jack Coe had many passions, but none more significant than family. He doted on his daughters and instilled them with strong morals while teaching them how to ride dirt bikes and quads.

He was an advocate of divine healing, regularly holding revival meetings at his tent which was larger than those used by Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Coe had claimed he could heal both blind and deaf people. Sadly, in December 1956 Coe was diagnosed with bulbar polio and ultimately succumbed to it at 39. He was headed towards teaching a class on prophecy when hospital staff admitted him; ironically enough two individuals whom Coe had recently cured of the illness also succumbed.

Professional Career

As one of the early tent evangelists following World War II, Coe quickly established himself as one of the leading tent revivalists. Traveling throughout the US organizing tent revivals with his powerful stage presence and direct preaching style, Coe gained great renown. His tent revivals attracted thousands of attendees.

He believed God had called him to heal those who were sick, preaching divine healing at revivals he led. Several people claimed they had experienced healing at his revivals.

He was widely known for his strong views against medicine. He taught his followers not to consult doctors and did not abide by doctor advice himself. Furthermore, he battled racism and encouraged interracial meetings. Later he founded his own faith home where people could stay for extended periods and receive teaching and prayer regarding healing; additionally there was also an orphanage on site.

Achievement and Honors

Coe was an outspoken opponent of racism both within society and the church, encouraging Catholics, Protestants, and people from every ethnic background to unite as one to worship Jesus together. Additionally he opposed abortion and medical medicine stating that visiting doctors or taking medicines were signs of Satan.

He was an unyielding warrior who never shied away from any challenge, using his incredible resourcefulness to overcome even the toughest hurdles. His dedication to family and friends was unwavering, while he often offered himself in service of others. Over his lifetime he received several prestigious awards; such as Founders Day award which recognizes alumni who have accomplished noteworthy achievement nationwide or globally.

Personal Life

Coe was known for his hard work ethic and devotion to his faith. An itinerant preacher, he often traveled with his wife and children.

Coe was raised in poverty due to his father’s gambling and alcohol issues, forcing his family to move frequently as there wasn’t enough money for food. Blanche eventually left George, taking all four children with her.

Coe was an advocate of divine healing and held tent revivals around the country. At one crusade in 1956, Coe performed prayer for a boy suffering from polio; telling his mother to remove the child’s braces as Coe believed this had enabled God to heal his son. Coe was arrested and later cleared from all charges related to practicing medicine without being licensed;

Net Worth

Jack Coe is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of between $1 and $2 Million through his primary career as a pastor.

Coe was an influential tent evangelist during the 1950s who held massive faith healing revivals across the US. He claimed he could cure everything from cancer to polio. Coe found inspiration in country music, bluegrass music, rock ‘n roll music and folk music for his healing revivals.

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