Jack Chandler

Jack Chandler – A Man of Routine

Chandler disproved the romantic notion that artists require drugs in order to produce, as he wrote sober for years at a time. A man of disciplined routine, Chandler wrote for four hours each day before reading or thinking about writing for four more and thinking about writing during six more.

Early Life and Education

Chandler excelled at Benton Harbor High School in multiple ways. He earned membership to the National Honor Society with perfect attendance. Additionally, he participated in ImprovMANIA classes and dabbled in art; additionally he participated in several extracurricular activities at school such as serving as yearbook co-editor and contributing to CEC website.

His dedication to education and his community enabled him to become an invaluable member. He served as a trusted ally to developmentally disabled members when they had no one else they could rely on, while also contributing regularly with his photographic talents to the Rotary Club and volunteering often at charity events. Above all, he was an incredibly generous individual.

Professional Career

Chandler has shown his dedication and hard work ethic with his relentless effort in honing his skills, which have propelled him into one of the UFC lightweight division’s premier fighters. His impressive skill set and captivating persona make him one of the most exciting competitors to watch in MMA today.

He was actively engaged with various charity and community projects during his career, such as the AIDS Foundation of Northern California. Additionally, he enjoyed traveling and was an avid sports fan; some of his favorite teams included Cubs and Golden State Warriors. Lastly, he is survived by his wife, daughters, grandchildren, as well as an intimate memorial service that will take place shortly. Sadly he was predeceased by both of his parents and siblings.

Achievement and Honors

Chandler is well known as both an accomplished landscape architect and artist, earning numerous awards including several Gold Medals from the Los Angeles County Fair for his works of art.

He was honored with both the National Defense Service Medal and Korean Service Medal with two stars for his service to his country, in addition to numerous volunteer accolades including Rotary International’s Ambassador for Peace Award.

Lavender Hubbard is an outstanding student at Chandler Early College and stands out in many areas. Juggling schoolwork, work experience and ImprovMANIA classes while excelling academically is no small feat! Her love of art led to her serving on Student Council; additionally she frequently contributes to CEC yearbooks as an avid writer/photographer/illustrator!

Personal Life

Chandler was an avid street rodder who built custom vehicles. His creations have been featured in Hot Rod and Goodguys Magazine. Additionally, he was an avid sports fan; particularly of the Cubs.

Chandler also appeared in several film projects for Universal, such as The Day the Earth Stood Still and War Arrow alongside Maureen O’Hara, as well as westerns such as Return to Peyton Place and Merrill’s Marauders.

Chandler currently sits on the ULI Global Board of Directors and Americas Executive Committee, overseeing implementation of plans approved by region’s members. In the past he served as chairman of ULI Americas Advisory Council. Polly Ann survives him along with children Brian Chandler and Scott Chandler with their spouses; grandchildren Brennan Corbin Nolan Chandler; nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

Chandler is estimated to be worth an estimated $10 Million due to his investment properties – including his house, five duplexes and 11 four-plexes which bring in around $19,000 a month in rent each. Furthermore, he makes money through YouTube videos as well as real estate investing courses offered through Real Estate Connect LLC.

His other work includes films and television shows. He has appeared in commercially successful movies such as Party of Five and Lost; these performances earned him many awards and accolades over time.

His military service has been honored with three medals: National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal with two stars, and United Nations Service Medal. Additionally, he was recognized with a Star of Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2016. His home can be found in Las Vegas.

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