Is Kim Byrnes Married

Is Kim Byrnes Married?

If you’re looking to learn about Fox4’s reporter, Kim Byrnes, you’ve come to the right place. She’s been reporting for the network for more than two decades and has a knack for the story telling.

One of the most interesting things about her is that she has never publicly revealed her marital status. Previously, she was married to a mysterious man who is still an unknown figure. However, she has since retained custody of her children, who are now seven, six and four years old.

Byrnes started her career at Fox 4 as a general assignment reporter. Later, she was promoted to anchor the weekend evening shows. When she’s not reporting for the network, she enjoys fishing, travel, shopping and spending time with her three kids.

Although her net worth isn’t exactly known, the average salary for a typical Fox News reporter is $75,973. While she’s been with the company for a long time, her personal life is largely kept under wraps.

There are no known plans for her to retire. Instead, she’s reportedly joining a life insurance company. Her upcoming gig has her working out of the heartland of Kansas. That’s a long way from her home state of Missouri, which she describes as a paradise.

During her time at Fox 4, she covered a couple of interesting stories. One involved catching a 25-pound king salmon on an Alaskan boat. This is a feat that only a handful of reporters ever pull off, and it was something that Kim proudly displayed to her fans on Facebook.

Another impressive tale involves a three-minute speech she gave in her sixth grade class. A teacher, who was impressed with her presentation, deemed it the “stuff of dreams”. After she finished, she stretched it out to a full 27 minutes. It was a story that the reporter credited to her parents for helping her achieve the feat.

In the end, she won the award for the sexiest story. Even though she’s divorced, she still retains her children’s custody. Despite being a single mom, she enjoys the company of her kids. They love to go out on adventures and she takes them fishing.

The next logical step for Kim is to write about the next place she wants to visit. For now, she’s covering the Colonial Gardens in Blue Springs for a Zip Journey.

Despite her busy schedule, it seems that she has managed to keep her personal life on the down low. Aside from spending time with her family, she has never publicly revealed her current relationship. Hopefully, we will get to find out more about her soon.

Among the many things that she has achieved, her career has been the most notable. Her achievements as a reporter have been a big factor in her wealth. As of now, it’s estimated that she has a net worth of $1 million. However, this figure is subject to change. According to one source, she could be earning as much as five million dollars.

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