Is Erin Colton Married

Is Erin Colton Married?

Whether you’re looking for information on whether or not Erin Colton is married, you’re in the right place. Here’s all the information you need about this aspiring actress and journalist. You’ll learn about her net worth, career, and dating life. You’ll also find out what makes her tick.

Born in 1982

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Ups and downs in her dating life

During the course of his Bachelor adventure, Colton has experienced ups and downs. In fact, he has gone through two exes. He has also had a few funny moments. In one episode, he and his date go bungee jumping. In another, he throws a pool party. These ups and downs in Colton’s dating life are worth watching, and they are a great indicator of his overall character.

The best part about watching Colton’s journey is his willingness to share his life with the world. During his stint as the Bachelor, Colton has had the opportunity to share his love of travel and his passion for helping children with special needs. He has also been a sports enthusiast, and has participated in basketball, lacrosse, and tennis.

Career in journalism

Currently, Erin Colton is a reporter for News 12 Long Island. She has worked for this station for fifteen years. This makes her one of the few American journalists who have worked for a single station for that long. She has won one Emmy award for television reporting. She has also been nominated for seven Emmy awards.

Before she became a reporter for News 12 Long Island, Colton was a sports anchor for MSG Varsity. She has also been a coach for girls’ youth basketball. She has a Bachelor’s degree in communication from Syracuse University. She graduated in 2004.

She started her career at News 12 Long Island as a production assistant. She was promoted to writer and then producer. She graduated from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

Net worth

Besides working as a reporter for News 12 Long Island, Erin Colton is an American television personality. She has won a New York Emmy Award for Sports Coverage. During her television career, Erin has been a sports anchor, producer and writer. Her show, Iron Inspiration, follows a Long Island man on his journey from an addiction to a life of triathlons. Her series has won the 2010 New York Emmy Award for Sports Series.

Erin Colton was born on May 15, 1982, in Long Island, New York. She attended Wantagh High School and studied communications at Syracuse University. She began her career at News 12 Long Island as a production assistant. She later became a news reporter and producer. She has also been a coach for a girls youth basketball team in Long Island.

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