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Irwin Raymer – American Reality Star

Irwin Raymer, co-founder of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) and star of Animal Planet’s reality show ‘Tanked,” was born in 1944. Together with his children Brett and Heather he owns a Tuscan style home located in Northwest Valley of Arizona.

He is well-known on the show for his experience in machine cutting and was often called The General for his expert advice. Read on to gain more insight into this November-born star!

Early Life and Education

Irwin Raymer, born October 25th 1969 in Brooklyn New York United States is the father of Brett and Heather Raymer. He hails from a white ethnic background, is born under Scorpio’s sign and currently works at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing as their office manager – an excellent worker who understands machinery well as well as being adept in acrylic cutting machines – garnering him many fans due to his witty dad jokes on Tanked show.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), co-founded with his son Brett and Wayde King. The business gained notoriety after appearing in Animal Planet’s reality series ‘Tanked’ in 2011. Prior to founding ATM, Irwin also owned a company selling machinery.

Professional Career

Irwin Raymer is the co-founder and owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in Las Vegas. This aquarium building company builds aquariums that attract an international clientele. Raymer has become a familiar face on reality show Tanked which chronicles his day-to-day operations alongside his son Brett and former daughter-in-law Wayde King.

ATM has created tanks for some notable clients, including NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. Irwin’s knowledge of machinery has played an essential role in their success.

Prior to his casting on Tanked, Irwin owned and ran a machinery sales business. Appearing on Tanked added another source of income which increased his net worth while earning him the nickname ‘The General’ despite reports of his demise following its conclusion. He remains alive and well today!

Achievement and Honors

Irwin Raymer co-founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a company known for creating some of the world’s largest aquariums. As part of his career at ATM he created custom tanks for Tracy Morgan and DeMarcus Cousins; additionally he built aquariums for Brett and Heather Raymer both his children.

He quickly earned the titles “General and Fixer” during his time on the show, as his skill with machine cutting enabled them to construct complex aquariums for scenes on which they appeared. Furthermore, he assisted cast members by mediating interpersonal conflicts among themselves.

Irwin Irwin was born in 1944 in the United States. He is best known for appearing on the reality television series ‘Tanked” and co-founding acrylic tank manufacturer Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. Irwin has two children – Brett Raymer (married to Wayde King) and Heather Raymer (whom is married).

Personal Life

Irwin Raymer, best known for appearing on Animal Planet show Tanked and co-founding Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), became well known through appearing in this reality TV show. Prior to founding ATM he owned his own machinery sales business; using his extensive machine knowledge he developed cost-effective methods of building aquariums while meeting clients’ demands.

He is the proud parent of Brett and Heather Raymer, both of whom appear alongside him on Tanked. Additionally, he has worked closely with both children throughout his career in aquarium aquaristics.

Rumors regarding Irwin “The General” Raymer’s death are false, as he continues to enjoy retirement and spending time with his grandchildren as well as working on various aquarium industry projects.

Net Worth

Irwin Raymer boasts a net worth of $5 Million dollars and is best known for his role on Tanked, which premiered in August 2011. Additionally, Irwin owns a water filtration company which contributes to his annual income stream.

He began his professional life working for a fish dealership where he learned the craft of aquarium design and building. Later, after moving to Las Vegas to join a company and meeting Heather Raymer – his future wife – they went on to establish ATM.

Reality TV star Wayde King also stars on Tanked alongside his son Brett and former son-in-law Wayde King, which showcases their family business of custom aquarium manufacturing and installation. King is an avid fisherman.

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