Indy Blue Net Worth

Indy Blue, an avid video editor and writer, began her blogging, social media influencer and videographer journey post-high school. She enjoys editing video footage as well as writing blog posts – she even has her own self-titled website!

Digital sensation Lilly King has amassed an enormous fan base on Instagram and YouTube through her travel blog and videos about her travel adventures, with millions of views totalling more than 25 million.

Early Life and Education

Indy Blue began her content creation journey during her second year of high school. For four years she traveled and produced various forms of content. During this period she documented her journey on multiple social media platforms and attracted great interest.

She started a videography business and started filming weddings and other events to generate money and save for travels around the world, such as Bali, Dubai, Alaska and Tokyo.

She is currently in a relationship with Jackson Dunford and they share a son named Seven. Indy Blue prefers keeping her life private.

Professional Career

India Blue Severe, more commonly known by her moniker “Indy Blue”, hails from Lindon, Utah and boasts 372 thousand Instagram followers and 132,000 subscribers on YouTube. She owns her self-titled website and currently owns over 300 thousand domains on those networks.

She has earned herself a name for herself by posting entertaining travel vlogs to social media platforms like YouTube. One video about a trip to Bali received over 847,000 views on YouTube alone!

Indy Blue’s YouTube vlogs have garnered her immense success; she owns her clothing brand Lonely Ghost and operates her videography company as well. She makes significant earnings through YouTube Ad revenue, Sponsorship agreements, Paid Content Campaigns and business deals; in addition to being engaged to Jackson Dunford and having son Seven.

Achievement and Honors

Indy Blue’s YouTube videos have garnered her over 132,000 subscribers. Her content offers travel and adventure with an individual touch; additionally she runs her clothing brand Lonely Ghost which provides additional income. However, Indy primarily makes money through advertisements, sponsorships, paid content creation or more traditional sources.

After graduating high school, she embarked on her blogging journey as a fan-girl blogger before transitioning into travel blogging.

Indy Blue is an accomplished social media personality known for her video editing and writing skills. As an influential fashion influencer with her own fashion line, Indy’s journey from high-school content creator to global sensation is truly inspirational and her family provides much support and encouragement along the way.

Personal Life

Indy Blue, an American blogger and videographer. She has amassed a massive following across Instagram and YouTube channels as well as creating her self-titled website where she entertains her viewers with various travel vlogs.

Internet star and Jackson Dunford met in high school and have been together ever since, even having given birth to Seven Dunford in January 2020.

She currently reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $500,000. Born 18 June 1997 in Lindon, Utah and attending Lincoln High School she originally joined Mormon church but later left.

Net Worth

Blue’s journey from high school content creator to digital sensation is testament to her hard work and dedication, with her net worth estimated between $1-5 million.

Social media influencer Emily Lavine hails from Lindon, Utah in the United States where her father runs his own business and she attended Lincoln High School.

India Blue Severe’s parents remain unknown to the public, but are extremely supportive of her career as a blogger and social media influencer. Travel vlogger India funds all her trips herself – she has visited Tokyo, Dubai, Alaska, and Bali among others.

Blue’s genuine portrayal of life – whether traveling abroad or dealing with personal challenges – has earned her praise in an often-filtered online world. Currently, she’s in a relationship with Jackson Dunford, her high school sweetheart whom she shared a son with. They currently reside in Utah together.

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