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Hugh Evans is an internationally acclaimed development advocate. His efforts have earned him numerous international honors; however, the road to his success was long and hard fought.

Evans founded, along with Nicolas Mackay, the Oaktree Foundation – an Australian non-governmental organisation which offers assistance to developing nations – in 2003. After serving as its Chief Executive Officer until 2008, Evans transitioned out but continues to serve on its board of directors.

Early Life and Education

Hugh Evans is a celebrated humanitarian and development advocate. He has won multiple prestigious awards and honors over his illustrious career. Raised in Melbourne, Australia – home, school and hospital all within two-mile range of each other allowed Hugh to develop early sense of responsibility and leadership qualities.

He became even more determined to help those in need after spending one night sleeping in a Manila slum, built upon an open garbage dump, at age 14. After this experience he quickly became one of the leading fundraisers for World Vision’s 40-hour Famine and eventually co-founded Oaktree Foundation as Australia’s first youth run aid organization.

At Global Citizen, he ran campaigns that enabled Australia to double their foreign aid budget. Now as founder and CEO, he collaborates with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), world leaders, celebrities, and global citizens in an effort to persuade governments worldwide to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Professional Career

Hugh Evans is an international humanitarian and the founder of Global Citizen. His passion for poverty alleviation was ignited at 14 when he spent a night sleeping on top of a garbage dump in Manila slum. That experience illustrated to him first-hand the harsh reality of their hosts’ lives, prompting him to challenge the status quo and fight poverty head on.

Evans was inspired to form the Oaktree Foundation – Australia’s first youth-run relief organization – as a result of his efforts. Additionally, Evans helped coordinate the Make Poverty History campaign and concert featuring Pearl Jam and Bono in 2006.

He then co-founded Global Citizen, which has earned domestic and international acclaim for fostering youth advocacy and volunteerism. Evans collaborated with celebrities, politicians, and influential people in order to achieve his goals.

Achievement and Honors

Evans became inspired to fight poverty as soon as he participated in a World Vision 40-hour famine at age 12. Later he co-founded Australia’s first youth aid organization: Oaktree Foundation which now provides education services throughout Asia Pacific and Africa.

Evans has collaborated with global leaders, celebrities, and business executives to craft an actionable roadmap aiming to end extreme poverty by 2030. His innovative approach to charity work has won him both domestic and international acclaim.

Evans was recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 and has spoken at global forums such as TED, SXSW, and CES. Additionally, he received multiple honors including Young Australian of the Year from Australia’s Young Australian of the Year awards program and Billboard magazine’s Humanitarian of the Year honor from Billboard magazine. Furthermore, Evans founded Global Citizen Movement with an annual concert featuring Pearl Jam, Beyonce Rihanna Coldplay.

Personal Life

Hugh Evans is an internationally-recognized humanitarian. His innovative brand of action-oriented humanitarianism has mobilized millions to combat poverty and climate change. Hugh co-founded and serves as CEO of Global Citizen, a worldwide movement working to protect our planet while combatting inequality.

Evans first discovered the impact of philanthropy at age 14, after volunteering in a Manila slum. This experience spurred him to become World Vision’s inaugural Youth Ambassador and establish the Oaktree Foundation – Australia’s first youth-run aid organization.

At two, Evans became inspired by Live Aid broadcast images of starving Africans to the world, and resolved to transform random chance into reliable factors of good living: nutrition, healthcare and education. For his efforts he was named Young Australian of the Year, featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 list and honored by Town & Country Philanthropy Summit Award.

Net Worth

Hugh Evans has created an unprecedented wave of action-oriented humanitarianism that has rallied millions to join his fight against some of the world’s most pressing problems. For his tireless efforts, his efforts have garnered him accolades from global leaders, celebrities and billionaires; as well as recognition on Forbes 30 Under 30 list and receiving GQ Man of Chivalry award.

Global Citizen, an international advocacy organization founded by Professor Choi and focused on increasing the number of people taking steps to combat extreme poverty, has also helped launch various campaigns including Live Below the Line as well as working closely with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on helping end polio eradication efforts.

He has engaged in one insider trade at Source Financial, Inc. He owns approximately 5,000 units of the company’s common stock valued at $5 each.

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