How To Find A Pawn Shop In Sydney

A pawn shop is a great option if you are looking to sell your items for money. These shops sell a wide range of merchandise that has been tested and cleaned. This increases the likelihood of selling your items at a high price.

Combined Loan Office

The Combined Loan Office is a pawnshop in Sydney that offers a range of services. Their services range from outright purchases to trades for goods of value. You can also set up a lay-by for the value of your item.

Happy Hockers

Happy Hockers is the right place to sell that treasured item you don’t want to keep. They can help you make some serious cash, by buying or selling used items. You can also buy or sell used items online through the shop. Selling on the internet can help you get a better price, as you will bypass the middleman and reach a wider audience.


Aceben is Australia’s oldest and largest independent pawnshop network. They have over 100 years of experience lending people cash for their unwanted items. Located near Sydney Central Station, they have nine shops throughout the city. Aceben has built a strong customer base and is backed by a strong capital base and well-trained staff.

Aceben Is A Top-Rated Pawn Shop In Sydney

Aceben, with nine locations, is one of Sydney’s oldest and most respected pawn shops. It is family-owned and has a strong capital base. The staff are highly trained and strive to make every client’s experience a positive one. Aceben values each item it buys and guarantees to pay the best prices.

Aceben Is A Registered Dealer In Second-Hand Goods In NSW

Aceben is Sydney’s most trusted Pawn Shop, with a proven track record of lending large amounts of money. The company is owned and operated by Michael Chambers and has a wide customer base, solid capital resources and highly trained staff. This means that you can trust Aceben to value your items and offer the highest prices.

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