How Tall Is Deepti Love Is Blind

How Tall is Deepti Vempati?

If you are a fan of Love is Blind, then you may have wondered how tall is Deepti Vempati. She is one of the newest faces of the popular reality show. Since she was a part of the show, she has accumulated a huge following on social media. However, she is not looking for a relationship right now. Instead, she is focused on her personal life.

Deepti Vempati is an Indian American actress and data analyst. She is 31 years old and was born in India. Her family moved to the United States when she was young. As a child, she lived with her siblings, Divya and Sunny. After a short period of time, she graduated from Bradley University and worked as an information technology analyst at Allstate insurance.

She has earned a huge following on Instagram. She posts selfies, pictures of her adventures, and photos of her dog, Pixel. At the same time, she posts pictures of her friends and family. In recent posts, she has promoted the second season of the show. Interestingly, she is also signed up with a few modeling agencies.

She has a large scar on her left arm. It took six months to heal. The actress has also been featured in several fashion magazines. She has an Om tattoo on her back. Although, she has not revealed her weight, she has a perfect body.

When she first began starring in Love is Blind, she was a thirty-year-old who was looking for love. During her stint on the show, she met Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, an Indian American. They agreed to participate in the blind dating program. Before the show, they had never dated each other.

But after meeting Shake, Vempati realized that she had a connection with him. She found out that he is also Indian. And she thought it was the right opportunity. Even though she had never dated another Indian before, she knew that Shake was a good person. Ultimately, she and Shake got engaged.

When they met on the show, the pair became “really good friends.” They talked nonstop for two years. There was an obvious physical attraction between the two of them. Both of them started to spend time together outside the pods. Soon, they started to date. They met each other’s families and became close. By the end of the season, Deepti was engaged to Shake. However, the two split in the end. Their marriage proposals were made weeks apart.

While Shake questioned his physical attraction towards Deepti, she didn’t. She also started to doubt her own feelings. However, she still accepted Shake’s proposal. This is the moment when Vempati discovered the “red flag” about her relationship.

However, it was after the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special that the couple officially confirmed their relationship. That’s when they got engaged. Despite the fact that Shake and Deepti were separated after their weddings, they continued to stay in touch and continue to talk.

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