How Old Is GoodTimesWithScar

GoodTimesWithScar is an influential YouTube gamer who is widely recognized for their Minecraft content, particularly building tutorials and participation in Hermitcraft series. He can often be found creating building tutorials as part of this channel’s videos.

His neuromuscular disease was first identified at 16 and this resulted in him needing both a wheelchair and oxygen supply.

Early Life and Education

GoodTimesWithScar, better known by his YouTube name Ryan, became famous through his Minecraft building tutorials and contributions to Hermitcraft series. His passion for Minecraft attracted an ardent fan base; moreover he often collaborates with other well-known Minecraft content creators.

Health issues have given his content an additional personal dimension, as he often discusses his battle against neuromuscular disease. By opening up about his personal struggles to his audience and being honest in his approach to creating videos for them to view, his honesty has become one of the hallmarks of his work.

His initial base consisted of a wagon pulled by a trader llama that contained an upper level bedroom and vibe room with a jukebox, while in Season 7 his second base, constructed through construction with themed items for sale and a conveyor belt system for transporting debris from ancient debris to Nether quartz to Overworld was constructed.

Professional Career

GoodTimesWithScar has taken to playing Minecraft and other video games as a career, using his knowledge in photography and painting to add realistic builds to his creations. He currently boasts over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 198,000 as an official Twitch partner – as well as being popular Instagram account owner.

He is best known for his Hermitcraft series. From seasons 1-7 he traveled with other hermits Cubfan135, Iskall85, MumboJumbo and Rendog, becoming known for building large and intricate bases for Hermitcraft community members.

He often features his cat Jellie in his videos and Instagram content. Furthermore, he openly discusses his journey with neuromuscular disease to bring an authentic quality to his content and better connect with his audience.

Achievement and Honors

Ryan, commonly known by his YouTube username GoodTimesWithScar, is an influential Minecraft gamer known for his building tutorials and Hermitcraft series. Additionally, he’s a top Twitch streamer with over 173,000 followers – not to mention Jellie the cat, whom often appears in many of his videos!

GoodTimesWithScar has been honest about his health journey and uses YouTube as a way of connecting with fans in a deeper manner. Recently he unveiled an off-road wheelchair created by fellow YouTuber JerryRigEverything which will increase mobility and allow him to discover more of what’s out there in his environment.

He is well known for his skills as a terraformer and builder on Hermitcraft community base, particularly his unique nether portal with dark magic elements that features MumboJumbo as the subject.

Personal Life

GoodTimesWithScar spends his free time making YouTube videos and collaborating with other gamers, in his spare time he enjoys creating YouTube videos and streaming on Twitch. His channel first started up on February 19, 2011 to offer gaming tutorials.

Not limited to Minecraft, he also enjoys playing Planet Coaster and Prison Architect games. Other interests of his include painting, landscape photography and travel photography – with Jellie as his beloved pet cat being his true passion!

Scar is well known for her incredible dedication and creativity despite health obstacles; this can be seen throughout all of her content, particularly her openness about her health journey which helps fans connect more closely to her work. Scar is also an accomplished builder and terraformer having created large builds for Hermitcraft seasons and tutorials as well as smaller tutorials.

Net Worth

Goodtimeswithscar has built his brand by forming relationships with different influencers, celebrities and companies. These collaborations have allowed him to expand his influence and reach, as well as opening new avenues of success.

He is widely known for his YouTube videos that offer building tutorials for Minecraft, becoming acquainted with fellow YouTubers such as Iskall and xisumavoid.

He hails from Washington state and lives with his cat Jellie. Despite having neuromuscular disease which causes weaker muscles and an oxygen dependency, despite this he has continued to make content for his fans which has gained media coverage as well as public support – now becoming one of the top gamers on YouTube and partnering with various businesses to promote their products.

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