Hollywood Dell Homes For Sale

Hollywood Dell Homes For Sale

Typical residences in the Hollywood Dell are single-family dwellings with a heavy influence of Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture. However, there are some very expensive homes for sale in the Dell and the nearby Cahuenga Terrace. For more information, check out our MLS listings of hollywood dell homes.

Typical residences in the Hollywood Dell are single-family dwellings with a heavy influence of Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture

Among the many homes for sale in Hollywood Dell, there is a home that combines traditional and rustic design. It is also a home that is rich in history. This home features a lush garden and central location, providing easy access to DTLA. It is located within walking distance to restaurants and shopping.

The interior of the home is designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture, which is a form of architecture that reflects the Spanish and Colonial architectural styles. The interior is also rich with natural light. The homes in this style are typically made with hard floors instead of wall-to-wall carpets, providing ease of maintenance and a relaxed atmosphere. The homes are also decorated with an emphasis on outside views. The interiors are often decorated with a neutral color palette.

The furnishings in this style are made with ornate detailing. In addition, they use dark glossy wood. The furniture also features intricate carvings and brass hardware. These furnishings are typically made from cherry or elm wood. Decorative ceiling moldings also add to the richness of the interior.

House prices in the Hollywood Dell and Cahuenga Terrace are pricier

Historically, house prices in the Hollywood Dell and Cahuenga Terrace are pricier than the average in Los Angeles County. This neighborhood has a history of being part of a larger chain of neighborhoods that ran from the Santa Monica Mountains to Beverly Hills. In the 1920s, movie business was booming. Many of Hollywood’s leading stars moved into cabins on the hillsides.

One of the most famous Hollywood Dell houses is the Samuel & Harriet Freeman House. It was designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It also boasts furniture from Rudolf Schindler. It sold for $4,250,000.

Another famous Hollywood Dell home is the house that Rudolph Valentino lived in. It is a stunning statement of European architecture. It is situated on a wide turn-about portion of Holly Dr. It has high ceilings and multiple outdoor patio spaces. It also has a lower level guest suite.

Hollywood Dell is a popular Hollywood Hills East neighborhood. It is bordered by Cahuenga and Argyle. In addition, the neighborhood is surrounded by beautiful city views. It has an active homeowners association.

MLS listings for hollywood dell homes

MLS listings for Hollywood Dell homes for sale are an excellent way to find homes in this trendy area of Los Angeles. Homes in this area are mostly hillside homes with spectacular city and night views. MLS listings for Hollywood Dell homes are available for sale in all price ranges.

MLS listings for Hollywood Dell homes for sale also have some interesting features. For instance, homes in this area are located in the Hollywood Hills and therefore are adjacent to the Hollywood Bowl. In addition, houses in this area are relatively affordable compared to homes in other parts of LA. Homes in this area are also located on hillside lots, making them quite appealing to up-and-coming celebrities.

The best MLS listings for Hollywood Dell homes for sale may be found at a website that has a comprehensive database of listings. Using this site will allow you to view homes for sale in Hollywood Dell along with homes for sale in nearby neighborhoods. Using this site will also help you locate nearby schools and businesses.

Neighborhood information

Located in the Eastern Santa Monica Mountains, the Hollywood Dell neighborhood is a desirable location. It is a centrally-located neighborhood with a quiet ambiance. Although there is a small number of playgrounds, there are enough parks to provide kids and adults with great recreational facilities.

There are a few grocery stores in the area, including the Las Palmas Market and the Karabagh Meat Market. In addition, you can find a Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop, a coffee shop, and an afternoon tea spot. Other dining options include the Birds Rotisserie Chicken Cafe, Johnny Rockets, and Tacos El Gavilan. The neighborhood is also home to several daycare centres, including the Amorsolo Family & Children Daycare and Delaney Wright Fine Arts Preschool.

There are also several coffee shops, including Division 3 Hollywood, Gelato-go Hollywood, and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. You can also find a variety of restaurants, including the locali and Berry Que. In the summer months, you can take advantage of the walking trails and shaded playgrounds.

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