Holly Mandel

Holly Mandel – An Improviser, Actor and Teacher

Holly Mandel is a highly esteemed improviser, actor and teacher. She studied improvisation at The Groundlings Theater & School in Los Angeles where she also served as an Main Company member for more than 10 years.

She is best-known for her six-year tenure on St. Elsewhere and as Bobby in Emmy-nominated animated series Bobby’s World.

Early Life and Education

Holly Mandel possesses an unparalleled combination of skills and passions. As a longstanding member of LA’s Groundlings Theatre’s Main Company, she has performed, taught and directed alongside performing. Additionally, Holly created and runs Improvolution – New York City’s only female-founded improv school – an experience she found particularly fulfilling.

She combines her work in obstetrics and gynecology with a strong dedication to helping underprivileged patients. She has served on the boards of multiple non-profit organizations, such as Saban Free Clinic and WomenStrong International.

She has long been an outspoken supporter of mental health, challenging the stigmatism surrounding it. With degrees in both Psychology and Sociology as well as Organizational Development, Collective Creativity and Leadership Development for Women studies she has also provided talks based on her research to the performing arts world as well as corporate sectors.

Professional Career

Mandel began his carpet sales career after earning his high school equivalency diploma, quickly expanding it into a multi-store operation.

On a 1979 business trip to Los Angeles, he took a chance and performed comedy at amateur night at the Comedy Store. His act caught the attention of a producer, who hired him for Make Me Laugh comedy game show; subsequent appearances on talk shows, Diana Ross appearances as opening act and ultimately playing Dr. Wayne Fiscus for six seasons on St. Elsewhere followed suit.

In 2009, Mandel opened up about his struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in his best-selling memoir Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me. He then became one of America’s Got Talent’s judges – becoming its longest-tenured judge from season 5. Additionally, he hosts both Canadian versions of this show.

Achievement and Honors

Mandel became well-known through his role as Dr. Wayne Fiscus on St. Elsewhere for six seasons. Additionally, he appeared in several movies such as Gremlins as Gizmo in 1984.

In the 2000s, he transitioned from acting to hosting with Deal or No Deal – an influential game show which ran for fourteen years without another host or judge being featured on it.

Improvolution, his long-running improv school and training company in NYC. In 2022 he teamed up with ePlay Digital to create games which donate N95 face masks via SwishAR for doctors, nurses and frontline workers fighting COVID-19 pandemic. Jackie, Alex and Riley are his children.

Personal Life

Holly Mandel has long been associated with Los Angeles’ famed Groundlings theater and its students. She has taught, performed, directed and written for them; furthermore she is sought-after keynote speaker on topics of Organizational Development, Collective Creativity and Leadership Development – particularly related to women leaders.

Mandel is best-known as a game show host; however, he has also made multiple television appearances and appeared regularly on The Tonight Show. Additionally, he starred on Good Grief! and created children’s cartoon Bobby’s World for children to watch. In addition to this work, Mandel has used his platform to bring awareness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder he suffers from; writing the memoir Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me provides insight into this disorder; furthermore partnering with ePlay Digital in creating mobile gaming campaign Breakout the Masks which raises funds for frontline health workers by providing N95 face masks at reduced rates!

Net Worth

Howie Mandel currently boasts an estimated net worth of $60 Million, thanks to his fame as a comedian, actor, television host, endorsement deals, hosting gigs and endorsement deals he’s earned over time. Additionally, Alevy Productions was established and used to manage some of his wealth-building ventures.

Canadian-born celebrity, Larry Wilmore has amassed an immense fortune through years of work in the entertainment industry. A household name both at home and in America, Larry hosted Deal or No Deal from 2005 until 2019, serving as host and judge. Additionally he is often featured as a judge for America’s Got Talent competitions.

He has become known as an accomplished comedian with his signature blend of physical comedy. Additionally, he has provided voiceovers for movies and TV shows including playing Gizmo in 1984’s Gremlins and its 1990 sequel.

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