Henry Timnick

Henry Timnick

Henry Timnick lives in Belvedere Tiburon, CA. It is thought he has relatives living in New York and Hawaii.

He graduated from Michigan State University and currently operates his own business while also making charitable donations from traditional and Roth IRA accounts to numerous organizations and individuals. In support of College of Marin, his contributions have made a difference through annual tax-favored charitable gifts from these accounts.

Early Life and Education

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East Lansing, Mich. – A Michigan State University graduate and retired businessman is gifting $2 Million to create an endowed professorship of humanities at his alma mater in honor of his late mother Ottilie Schroeter Timnick. This gift will honor Ottilie with an endowed professorship named in her name at Michigan State.

Public records reveal that Henry Timnick currently resides in Belvedere Tiburon, CA but previously resided at 126 E 56th St in New York and 15 Leeward Rd in Belvedere Tiburon; these may also be used under his former names, Henry Otto Timnick or Henry Timnick.

Professional Career

Henry Timnick worked as a journalist for the Los Angeles Times. She wrote over 200 stories related to the McMartin preschool molestation trial and received criticism for her coverage from media critics at the paper; however, judges and other observers commended her work on it.

An MSU graduate, he donated $2 million to establish an endowed professorship of humanities. In addition, he supports environmental philosophy and ethics studies, peace studies, environmental policy programs, regional food systems studies, animal studies programs as well as animal studies at MSU.

His residences include 655 Park Avenue in New York City and 15 Leeward Rd in Belvedere Tiburon, California. Among his friends and associates are Betty A Onsrud, Bradley M Cerf, Carlos E Shelton Carol L Novick and Daniel A Cerf.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Timnick was an active member of the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Additionally, he participated in restoring Smith-Rafael Theater and co-founding Mill Valley Film Festival as well as receiving many accolades and awards for his business and film endeavors.

He has given millions of dollars to various causes and organizations, such as the Marin Shakespeare Festival and California Film Institute, while serving on several boards of organizations and businesses.

Betty A Onsrud, Bradley M Cerf, Carlos E Shelton, Carol L Novick and Daniel A Cerf are some of his close associates and friends. He has lived at various addresses including 655 Park Ave New York New York; 15 Leeward Rd Belvedere Tiburon California; and 126 E 56th St in New York New York.

Personal Life

Henry Timnick does not appear to have any children. He was previously married once, living at 655 Park Ave and 126 E 56th St in New York before relocating to Belvedere Tiburon in California with his current partner at 15 Leeward Road in Belvedere Tiburon with her.

Timnick is an active member of the California Film Institute and serves as board member for both Marin Shakespeare Festival and Smith-Rafael Theater Restoration Project.

Timnick made the donation in honor of his mother, Ottilie Schroeter Timnick. Timnick has also supported Michigan State University’s Environmental Philosophy and Ethics graduate concentration, Peace and Justice Studies program, Environmental Science and Policy program, Center for Regional Food Systems programs, Animal Studies studies and American Indian studies programs.

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