Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas

Henry’s San Antonio personal-injury law firm advertises on billboards and elsewhere that his case resulted in a “$6 million judgment net to client,” yet according to their client he never saw one penny of that payment.

The Fat Controller would occasionally employ Henry to pull his Flying Kipper train, though later teased him about having differences of opinion with Gordon over its red color. Furthermore, children he assumed to be railfans would throw stones as Henry passed beneath a bridge.

Early Life and Education

Henry, a green engine that loves speed and can sometimes become overexcited, is part of the Steam Team along with Edward, Toby, James and Gordon. Henry enjoys nature and loves hugging trees – his favourite being Henry’s Forest’s Wishing Tree.

Henry’s Sneeze tells the tale of Henry taking revenge against some boys who threw stones by “sneezing” ash out of his smokebox to cause race relations problems and eventually led to Christopher Awdry filing a formal complaint to National Railways’ Race Relations Board.

In the TV series, Sir Topham Hatt was involved in an accident while pulling the Flying Kipper and was rebuilt into a Stanier Class 5MT due to Sir William Stanier being one of his connections. Unfortunately this caused continuity issues when his original form reappeared later on in the series.

Professional Career

Henry is a young, ambitious and skilled mechanic who joined the Boston Celtics as a rookie player. Quickly becoming popular among both fans and coach Auerbach alike, Henry quickly developed into one of their favorite players with his keen ability to read games and position his team for victory.

Henry wants to expand his cocaine business with Jimmy and Tommy against Paulie’s orders, but when their crew robs Lufthansa’s cargo terminal and steals $6 million, Paulie orders that they be killed immediately – including Henry.

He was previously married to Kelly Hill (m. 2000; divorced 2002) and German actress Marie Zielcke (m. 2004; divorced 2007). As of 2018, he is 47 years old, of White-Caucasian ethnicity, residing with his family in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

Achievement and Honors

The Fat Controller provided Henry with special Welsh coal to help him run faster. Based on a Stainer 4-6-0 class 5 engine, Henry first appeared in Thomas the Tank Engine book number one and has two titles: Henry the Green Engine and Henry and the Express.

Thomas and his family still flourished during a tough economic climate in Birmingham. They established orphanages and increased charitable donations while Thomas attempted to address sex gaps within his factories with Jessie Eden; unfortunately he suffered a heart attack while attempting this. Subsequently he received a call from IRA agent Captain Swing before meeting Mosley and Diana Mitford before swearing vengeance against Thomas for killing Polly. Michael later took revenge upon Thomas for this killing by vowing avengement for Polly’s murder by him assassinating him and having him executed before receiving this call from Captain Swing; after meeting with both parties, Michael vows vengeance against him for killing Polly.

Personal Life

Henry Thomas is currently living in San Antonio, Texas (USA) with his wife Marie Zielcke and daughter Hazel.

He is based on a Stainer 4-6-0 Class 5 engine and the Fat Controller’s favorite locomotive. Long and swift, he can often become overworked when required for higher speed services.

Henry had difficulty pulling trains when the island engines received poor deliveries of coal, until Fat Controller bought some special Welsh coal and helped restore his strength. Soon afterwards he was back to being his usual self.

Once, he teased Gordon for criticising him for whistling loudly at stations, only to later face consequences when four boys who mistook themselves as railfans dropped stones on his coaches.

Net Worth

According to various estimates, Henry is estimated to be worth approximately $65 million. He generates most of his income as a professional baseball player while also reaping financial benefits from endorsements and sponsorships. Henry owns both an extravagant Detroit home as well as several luxury cars for use during games.

He hosts Gatsby-themed parties in San Antonio and invites famous artists such as Migos, Enrique Iglesias and Maroon 5 to perform. Additionally, he works closely with charitable organizations to support various causes.

His inspiring story illustrates that success can come to anyone regardless of background or socio-economic status, motivating others to pursue their own dreams. He is an active member of numerous advocate forums; for more details and full bio, click here. Additionally, he boasts an impressive college career.

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